That's Rich!

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That's Rich! is a News Bulletin by Daniel Jepody posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 15% increase in the price of biopolys, power loaders and enviro suits on Hermes.


That's Rich!
Daniel Jepody knows what's going down
The system's wealthiest man, Richass Creesus, unveiled his latest scheme yesterday: to carve Hermes Largest mountain into a 150,000-1 scale model of his recently deceased fluffy rodent Chipsy. The project, which is estimated to take over five years to complete, calls for considerable quantities of BioPolys, Enviro Suits and Power Loaders, the prices of which have risen by a moderate amount. Richass said yesterday, 'I miss that damn rodent', before leaving the scene in tears.