I'm just going to implant my Brain!

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I'm just going to implant my Brain! is a News Bulletin by Sarah Blurp posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 40% increase in the price of brain implants on Karatikus.


I'm just going to implant my Brain!
A savage indictment by Sarah Blurp
CIS officials on Karatikus were distraught last night as they prepared for the beginning of the annual VidVert conference, an event which attracts thousands of Vid-stars, AdvertXecs and other scum to the unfortunate host planet. Chief among the worries is the huge increase in the Brain Implant trade that notoriously accompanies the event. Extra patrols are being posted all around the planet's atmosphere, in an attempt to restrict the huge influx of smugglers that will undoubtedly be arriving. Let's just hope that some of those arrogant Vid-types get their comeuppance as well, eh?