Boardgame LXXVII happens

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Boardgame LXXVII happens is a News Bulletin by Simon Cagoule posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


Boardgame LXXVII happens
Enthusiast Simon Cagoule reports
This year's Boardgame Super-Roll LXXVII saw a level of competition and expertise that exceeded all previous expectations. Chief attraction was the much-hyped 'Genocide' showdown between Field Marshalls Alan Weeton and Marcus Peabody, a clash of the titans that saw Peabody gain a Pyrrhic victory through extensive use of Biological weapon counters. Also notable was the 'Munchin' Mutants' grand championship, the 'Contorter' free-for-all, and GM Kris Molson's specially created 'Dungeon of Ultimate Peril and Suffering' scenario, which afforded many a fan good sport. All in all, a fine day's gaming, and one which promised much for next year.