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Although Origin has no current plans for another addition to the Wing Commander Universe, the series is still strong... thanks to the hard work of dedicated fans! The purpose of this section is to both promote existing Wing Commander fan projects and to provide the tools needed for other fans to help Wing Commander live on! Read on for more information on each project.

Released Fan-Made Computer Games

Wing Commander Saga

Wing Commander Saga: A Wing Commander Freespace 2 Total Conversion Fan Project.

Wing Commander Saga "The Darkest Dawn" begins right before Wing Commander 3 and concludes with the ending of the Terran-Kilrathi War (whether or not the Terrans win depends on you). The mod seeks to recreate the Wing Commander experience of the WC3 with an epic Storyline that complements the events portrayed by the Wing Commander 3 game and novel. The presence of other carrier battle groups and capship squadrons gives a large-scale teamwork environment. The achievements from the first Wing Commander return to provide reward for mission performance.

Wing Commander: Standoff

Standoff is an add-on for Secret Ops, replacing basically all the original content: missions, graphics, sound effects, music, etc. The branching storyline will be based on events from the novel Fleet Action, and the graphics, audio, and gameplay recreate a WC2-like setting.

Wing Commander: Unknown Enemy

Unknown Enemy:An addon for Wing Commander Secret Ops -- featuring new graphics, a new story, music, missions, ships and possibly voice acting. Unknown Enemy -- long the favorite of mod-watchers -- promises to deliver quality missions far beyond the complexity that Origin gave us with Secret Ops with a good fiction system. CIC Fan Project of the Year, 2000. Upon release the game should include 12 all new missions accompanied by complex in game cutscenes.

Flight Commander

Flight Commander is a space combat simulator in the style of Wing Commander. This game engine was programmed from the ground up. New users can create new missions relatively easily, while more powerful features are provided for advanced game designers.

Privateer: Ascii Sector

ASCII Sector: A sixteen color, text-based take on Privateer!

Privateer Remake Gemini Gold

Privateer Remake Gemini Gold is a multi-platform clone of Wing Commander Privateer. It aims to be closer to the original than other remake projects. Windows, Linux and MAC versions are available.


PiArmada: Clone of Wing Commander Armada, using and proving the Pi4x turn-based space strategy engine. Designed to implement all functions of Armada while improving the interface and allowing extensions. Windows XP, MAC and Linux compatible.

Vega Strike

Possibly the original fan project, Vega Strike (an all-new space-sim engine) has recently been retooled and remoddeled for both the Windows and Linux crowd. If you're interested in following the very technical aspects of a game's development, VS is the one to watch... it promises to be a cool game, too!

Wing Commander Secret Ops Missions (WCSOM)

WCSOM: Hosting over 70 individual simulator missions created between 1999 and 2002, WCSOM is the only place for your simulator needs.

WC Zone

The most addictive WC mod released to date, WCZone replaces the SubSpace (a freeware multiplayer game) with Wing Commander vehicles... and provides players with a special Wing Commander themed server! WCZone was one of the first WC mods to be completed... although future improvements are planned.

Released Fan-Made Physical Models

Astro Commander's Models

Work started with 3D models and then a rapid prototyping service was found to "print" the ships in plastic/resin. The designs were made available for others to purchase at cost, and Astro's own airbrushed craft are gorgeous. A massive fleet of ships is now available.

Paper Commander

Paper Commander:This space offers replicas in paper of the ships of the great saga Wing Commander.

Released Fan Fiction and Movies

Holding the Line

HTL is a trilogy length fan fiction project jointly being written by several members of the Wing Commander Aces club. Set during Wing Commander Prophecy, it tells the story of a heavily outnumbered Confed and Border Worlds fleet that is trying to contain the invasion at the edges of human space. New chapters are released weekly via the Aces Club mailing list, and past chapters are archived regularly for on-line reading.

Frontier - Prelude to Darkness

Frontier - Prelude to Darkness While the story and setting itself is an original creation, the style and character of the fan movie are heavily inspired by Wing Commander. Many WC fans voice a variety of characters and make suggestions on how the serial will evolve. The project's website is particularly attentive to fans with frequent status updates, questions for its fans and behind-the-scenes features posted regularly.

Das Erwachen

Das Erwachen A series of fan fiction novels that were actually printed. Written in German.

Modding Tools

HCl's Wing Commander Editing Site

HCl's Wing Commander Editing Site includes editors and other tools for every game in the Wing Commander pantheon -- from Wing Commander 1 to Privateer 2!

Thomas Bruckner's Wing Commander Site

Thomas Bruckner's Wing Commander Site: Thomas Bruckner has created numerous Wing Commander and Secret Ops editing utilities. His WCPPAS is the primary tool for creating Prophecy missions.

Popsicle Pete's Wing Commander Editing Home Page

Popsicle's editing page contains tools for editing Prophecy, including sound and menu converters.

KillerWave's Wing Commander Page

Killerwave's page contains an excellent set of tutorials for modding Prophecy. It also contains a number of ships converted to the Prophecy engine.

In-Progress Fan Projects

Gemini Sector RP

Gemini Sector is a Discord based chat RPG game.

Wing Commander: Tactical Operations

Tac Ops is a Wing Commander-based board game that is moving to the web.

Wing Commander: Collateral Damage

WC: CD is a mod set in the timeframe between WCP and WCArena. Numerous ships from throughout the WC game series will be seen.

Wing Commander: Enigma 2666

Enigma 2666 is a mod based on the Wing Commander Saga project that seeks to remake Wing Commander 2 with modern graphics and larger scale battles.

Wing Commander: Hostile Frontier

Hostile Frontier is a mod based on the Wing Commander Saga project that seeks to present the events portrayed in the book "False Colors" from a different character's perspective.

Wing Commander: Advance Guard

Advance Guard is a mod based on the Wing Commander Saga project that based in an alternative timeline mod using the look and feel of Wing Commander 1 and 2.

=Active Roleplaying Games

Wing Commander: From The Ashes

Wing Commander: From the Ashes (site registration required) was a forum-based roleplaying game set on a Yorktown-class carrier, TCS Phoenix between Wing Commander 1 and 2. It ran from 2013 to 2016.