Faulty Fork Fiasco

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Faulty Fork Fiasco is a News Bulletin by Lynne Caring posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 20% increase in the price of medi kits on Hermes.


Faulty Fork Fiasco
Lifestyle expert Lynne Caring reports on location from Hermes
Mums and Dads, be warned of the presence of a potential death-trap in your home. If you've bought a Kiddi-Chow Auto-Fork in the last two months, check the serial number. Any models with a number beginning SY3 belong to a faulty batch the Kiddi-Chow factory Quality Checkers failed to spot. If you do own one of these machines, be careful not to use the 'Quick Lunch' setting, as this will send the machine into a fork-whirling frenzy; several hundred small children have already suffered horrendous injuries as a result. Hospitals are issuing emergency Medi Kits to worried parents, but supplies are low, so you may have to wait for new shipments.