CIS bring Gamberettis to justice

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CIS bring Gamberettis to justice is a News Bulletin by Hal C. Andays posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 20% increase in the price of firearms on Janus IV.


CIS bring Gamberettis to justice
Crime reporter Hal C. Andays writes from Janus IV
CIS operatives made a grand coup last night, when a three month operation came to fruition. Agents had been observing members of the Gamberetti clan, a notorious criminal family rumoured to have links with the Kindred, after being tipped off that a large-scale armed robbery was being planned. 27 Gamberetti members were caught at a safe house, in possession of a large quantity of Firearms, and the CIS are confident of gaining convictions for the majority of the offenders. The Gamberettis are now suspected to be extremely short of weapons, and police are on the alert for incoming shipments of Firearms.