Lottery closed following scandal

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Lottery closed following scandal is a News Bulletin by Valen Messina posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


Lottery closed following scandal
Valen Messina reports
The Hephaestan Planetary Lottery has been shut down by CIS Fraud investigators, following the discovery of a huge prize fiddle. Apparently, members of the adjudicatory board had used magnets to ensure that their numbers came up every week. Chief of the offenders was Chairman Adem Velt; investigators became suspicious when the main prize winners for four months all had names that were anagrams of his name. Delt Vame, Tema Veld, Tam Delve and Ad Velmet were all names used by the unscrupulous big-wig, who amassed a 55 million credit fortune. He has been stripped of his winnings and sentenced to 14 years hard labour on Hades.