The beer that doesn't fart about

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The beer that doesn't fart about is a News Bulletin posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


The beer that doesn't fart about
We at Plain and Simple don't hold with fancy language, with your la-di-da and other poncery.
When we make something, we tell you what it does, such as our 'Hits Things Hard' Hydro-Hammer, or our 'Goes Quite Fast' Family Automobile. Now, we've branched into the liquor industry, with our all-new 'Gets You Pissed' Cheap Beer. Available in two varieties; Strong and Very Strong. Buy 'Gets You Pissed' Cheap Beer - it gets you pissed. And it's cheap.
'Gets You Pissed' Cheap Beer. A Plain and Simple venture