Rugby final marred by faulty player

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Rugby final marred by faulty player is a News Bulletin by Jenkin Foster posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


Rugby final marred by faulty player
Jenkin Foster reports
This year's All-System Rugby Challenge Cup final between Crius Wanderers and Janus Old Boys was postponed for the first time in the Cup's 300-year history. Trouble started when the ball went down for the first scrum, when the pack collapsed on top of Wanderers Prop Forward Derwin Hengstrom. Hengstrom, notorious for being the game's most cybernetic player, with only 18% of his original body remaining, promptly went haywire. He tore both arms off Old Boys captain Crispin Lickton-Fudley, and used them to beat the scrum-half to death, before he was switched off. The fixture will be resumed as soon as Lickton-Fudley has undergone restorative surgery.