Maiden oeuvre

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Maiden oeuvre is a News Bulletin by Warkin Perbeck posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


Maiden oeuvre
Qualified writer Warkin Perbeck wishes he could get a proper job
This month I've been asked to review Maiden Interactive's new game 'The Icarus Meeting'. It boasts the latest Virtua-Stim technology, which means that you can't play it unless you have a NeuroStim set-up, and features well-known stars, such as babe-from-Janus Lea Ferarri. However, all this window-dressing cannot hide the fact that this is a poorly made and shoddily presented piece of commercial tat masquerading as entertainment, on its own a claim which the producers should be tortured for making. If you dare buy this over-priced excrement, it will merely confirm that you are the kind of mindless, gullible cretin I always suspected that you were.