Beverage company in the drink!

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Beverage company in the drink! is a News Bulletin by Mark Larx posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 30% increase in the price of lythia on Bex.


Beverage company in the drink!
Business editor Mark Larx reports from Bex
Lythia stocks are bound to increase in value, following an upset at the manufacturing plant of the soft drink Opi-Ola (motto: 'Opi-Ola, the religion of the masses!') . It seems that staff at the plant over-carbonated a batch of the galaxy's best-loved beverage, causing a minor explosion. The plant is now uninhabitable due to the presence of Chlorine, Carbon Dioxide and other noxious substances. Lythia, a highly absorbent substance required for the manufacture of Atmo-processors, is at an absolute premium.