Shock docs cock up!

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Shock docs cock up! is a News Bulletin by Hypp O'Crates posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 10% increase in the price of rhodium and platinum on Hades.


Shock docs cock up!
Medical disaster correspondent Hypp O'Crates reports
There's trouble at the Millground Alternative Therapies unit on Hades, where controversial Electro-conformity treatment has been taking place. The treatment, given to repeat criminal offenders, involves passing huge voltages of electricity through the patient's synapses. The tests have had mixed results; very few of the out-patients have re-offended, but given that the mortality rate has been around 40%, this is perhaps not overly surprising. Research continues, but more Platinum and Rhodium is required to make the precision electrodes required in the remedy.