Law Corps torp corpses

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Law Corps torp corpses is a News Bulletin by Tom L. Keefer posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 35% increase in the price of human organs on Anhur.


Law Corps torp corpses
A report by Tom L. Keefer
Anhur border patrols were celebrating last night, following a very successful intercept. While on routine patrol, a squadron of Stag-class police craft encountered an unauthorised Monolith-class transporter attempting atmospheric ingress. Scans revealed it to be chock-full of highly illegal Human Organs, much in demand by the rich, old and unscrupulous. Squad-leader Gibsen issued immediate weapons-free authority. Torpedoes were launched, and seconds later the cargo ships was little more than a burning hulk. I spoke to Gibsen yesterday, who said 'I just hope the unfortunate donors wanted to be cremated'.