Crash chaos kills kinky cyborgs

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Crash chaos kills kinky cyborgs is a News Bulletin by John Wilmott posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 25% increase in the price of pleasure borgs on Hephaestus.


Crash chaos kills kinky cyborgs
Rake about town John Wilmott writes from Hephaestus
Offer your condolences to legendary roister-doisterer Carlos T. Decson, who has been most adversely treated by fate. It seems that my old pal Carlos was enjoying a small snifter of AbSynth at his club, relishing the prospect of returning home to frolic with his harem of classic Pleasure Borgs. Imagine his distress when he returned home, only to find his priceless collection of antique Pleasure Drones utterly destroyed by a rogue meteor that had obliterated their quarters. A tearful Carlos was inconsolable last night, especially as Pleasure Borgs are now controlled items, and extremely difficult to replace, even with inferior models. Stiff upper lip Carlos, if nothing else.