A recipe for disaster

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A recipe for disaster is a News Bulletin by Lenny J. Kelly posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 35% increase in the price of Synthi meat on Hermes.


A recipe for disaster
Lenny J. Kelly feels quite pleased with himself for thinking up such a good headline
Well, it's bad news if you live on Hermes. It seems that the Food Ministry's mainframe went somewhat awry in a recent electrical storm; most files were retrieved, but the program running the Synthi Meat manufacturing plants got rather scrambled. All sorts of strange ingredients have been going into Synthi Meat production - small mammals, gravel and no. 3 lubrication oil, to name a few - and the end product has been thoroughly inedible to say the least; 340 Quality Assurance testers are hospitalised with chronic indigestion. A further 57 weren't quite so lucky, and died horrible agonising deaths. Synthi Meat imports are urgently required.