That's ore-ibble

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That's ore-ibble is a News Bulletin by Foghorn Armhorn posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 15% increase in the price of rhodium on Janus IV.


That's ore-ibble
Foghorn Armhorn Reports
Inhabitants of Janus IV were in mourning last night, following a local orphanage being destroyed in a spaceship crash. It seems that the freighter Agetin, loaded with Rhodium ore, made a poor ingress into the planet's atmosphere, burning out its retro-thrusters in the process. Three minutes after the problem was reported, the craft smashed into the Agnes Gentle Home for Bereaved Poppets, slaughtering over 1500 wide-eyed innocent waifs. On a lighter note, there is still a shortage of Rhodium on the planet, offering a golden opportunity to any entrepreneur.