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Eggs-ecution! is a News Bulletin by Anne Di. Bakker posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 10% increase in the price of firearms on Karatikus.


Anne Di. Bakker blathers on again
Armed strife has broken out on the planet of Karatikus between rival paleontological groups. Trouble started following the discovery of a 10,000 year old Crian Megalodon egg at the Ganti fossil dig. One group, led by Professor Eric Maenad, declared the egg should be opened at the big end, whereas Dr. Aftas Wift's faction, the so-called 'Little-endians', argued the opposite. Fierce debate ended in members of both parties shooting at each other, and the Ganti dig has been declared a no-go zone by local authorities. There is reputedly a shortage of Firearms on the Black Market as a result.