Stunt tragedy inflicts famine on Anhur

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Stunt tragedy inflicts famine on Anhur is a News Bulletin by Jenny Vixen posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 40% increase in the price of grain, fertilite, fresh water, livestock and Synthi meat on Anhur.


Stunt tragedy inflicts famine on Anhur
A report by Jenny Vixen
Dangerous Sports fans everywhere were mourning the death of stunt flier supremo Barri Headbanger yesterday. Barri, notorious for his dangerous flying antics, met a sticky end when he crashed his prototype Tiger Shark X-Turbo III into Anhur's main food processing plant. He was trying to break his own record of 9 consecutive inverted triple Immelmans whilst drinking a glass of water. All food and water stocks were destroyed in the tragedy, and new supplies are urgently required.