Bad blood at friendly match

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Bad blood at friendly match is a News Bulletin by Burford Gumba posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


Bad blood at friendly match
Burford Gumba writes
There are troubled reports from the annual CIS/Hades 'No hard feelings' Socker match. Grudges were in evidence right from the outset, when convicted murderer 'Corkscrew' Jones kicked Special Agent Feltham firmly in the groin. As Feltham was stretchered off, Jones was shown the red card for ungentlemanly play, and had an extra three years added to his sentence for sharpening his boot studs. The incident sparked off a mass brawl, with a further 7 CIS agents hospitalised with various injuries, while 3 convicts were shot and killed as they administered a savage beating to the referee. It is unsure whether next year's fixture will go ahead.