Floods, suds and mud

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Floods, suds and mud is a News Bulletin by Zachari Monty posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 50% decrease in the price of fresh water on Crius.


Floods, suds and mud
Zachari Monty reports
Climactic changes have wrought havoc on Crius, as ice caps have melted following global warming. 65% of the planet's landmass has been bathed in warm water, and the problem has been compounded by the deluge over-running the Gleamco detergent factory, resulting in the largest bubble bath the galaxy has ever seen. Young children are said to be particularly upset with the state of affairs. Purification plants are working triple shifts in an attempt to avert ecological disaster, and a huge surplus of Fresh Water has resulted, good news for any traders in the stuff.