High drama at Pool Championships

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High drama at Pool Championships is a News Bulletin by Les Dylan posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


High drama at Pool Championships
Sports correspondent Les Dylan reports
It's been three days of sporting excellence here at the annual Tri-D Pool Masters contest. Several competitors have made their mark in the Anti-Grav arena, most notably Flint 'The Muscler' Ferguson's incredible 18-ball clear-up from the break in the first frame of the tournament. Ferguson continued his winning streak right up to the final, when his luck ran out in the 9-frame showdown against 'Smooth' Jack Jimson. Ferguson started well, establishing a 3-frame lead, but Jimson gritted his jaw and kept his nerve to steer the next five frames his way. He collected a cheque for 150,000 credits, and from the cheers of the crowd it was clear the favourite had won.