Soldiers get the needle

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Soldiers get the needle is a News Bulletin by Ben O'Leigh posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 15% increase in the price of firearms on Crius.


Soldiers get the needle
Ben O'Leigh tells it like how it is
Military reserves on the planet of Crius have revolted, giving rise to a week-long armed rebellion. Trouble started when it was reported that Fat Larry's Laser Tattoo Parlour, situated just outside the barracks, was being forced to close following scenes of drunken debauchery and errant bodily mutilation. This incensed the soldiers to the extent that they besieged the local council offices, demanding that Fat Larry should be re-enfranchised. Council Workers replied with gunfire, giving rise to a three day shooting frenzy. No conclusion seems imminent, and an increased Black Market demand for Firearms has been reported.