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Pecs-cellent! is a News Bulletin by Arnold Viril posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 30% increase in the price of Warp Steroids on Janus IV.


Fitness reporter Arnold Viril writes
Hello, muscle fans. This year's Beautiful Body Bash is taking place on Janus IV; any iron-pumper who's got talents to display should get down there and flex their pecs. As usual, Warp Steroids are in great evidence, with companies such as PumpUp! and Bulge-U-Like displaying a range of new products. Demand is fast outstripping supply, though, and we're gonna need lots more of that liquid iron if we're gonna pump it like we can. Much-loved events such as the two-tonne shuttle tug and the Man of Plasteen competition may well be cancelled if we don't get more of that bicep-blasting zooty.