Bad Tidings for Hephaestus!

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Bad Tidings for Hephaestus! is a News Bulletin by Annie Blackburn posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 40 decrease in the price of fresh water on Hephaestus.


Bad Tidings for Hephaestus!
Annie Blackburn reports on lunar lunacy
It's wet pants all round at the Hephaestus astrological institute, after they failed to predict the effects of the triple lunar eclipse that occurred last night. The cosmological phenomenon, which only happens once every billennium, saw all three of the planet's moons in perfect alignment on one side of the planet. The gravitic influence of this activity saw every major ocean and sea move across planet, completely submerging the northern hemisphere. There's Fresh Water aplenty for sale, and it's going cheap.