Zebu herds feel the bite

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Zebu herds feel the bite is a News Bulletin by Varma Jyles posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 40% increase in the price of livestock and Titan on Anhur.


Zebu herds feel the bite
Agricultural editor Varma Jyles reports
Dairy farmers on the planet of Anhur have been heavily stricken. Unseasonably wet weather has provided the perfect breeding conditions for the Frillic Exploding Mite. Large swarms of these unpleasant creatures have over-run the grazing pastures of the Tyrellian Zebu, the planet's chief form of Livestock. The female vermin, already fertilised, burrow into the bodies of the Zebu, waiting for their gestation period to end. When it does, the bugs explode with great force, freeing their offspring. The force of the explosion is usually sufficient to kill the host being outright; fortunately, the Mites do not infest humans, but Zebu stocks have been decimated.