Blakk is back

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Blakk is back is a News Bulletin by Tristram Ponsonby posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


Blakk is back
Art critic Tristram Ponsonby comments
After a year's self-imposed solitude, artist Drestin Blakk has emerged to stage his new work of dramatic art. Called 'Why oh why oh why', it is described as 'aleatory performance theatre incorporating strongly paganistic and spiritual themes'. Blakk opens with the poignant spectacle of a lone, spotlit, screaming child, a motif so powerful I wept freely into my Neo-silk handkerchief. He then continues with a series of disparate yet strangely synergetic images that strongly reinforce, and yet challenge, the premise of the title, leaving one with a curious sensation of faux-savant reassurance that persists for several minutes after leaving the auditorium.