New from Gagco......the Kakotron 2000

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New from Gagco......the Kakotron 2000 is a News Bulletin posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


New from Gagco......the Kakotron 2000
Gagco. Enterprises present their latest piece of tomfoolery...the Kakotron 2000.
Ideal for stag parties, office bashes and just plain old practical joking, the Kakotron 2000 is the ultimate in high tech japery. Simply point it at a friend/enemy/dupe and press the button...special Kakulator beams will shoot out, rooting the victim to the spot with instant paralysis. Now you can inject the victim with our patent Kakolene, allowing you to mould his face into the most hideous apparition you can think of. But hurry! Kakulator beams only last for a few minutes, and you can bet your whoopee cushion that the victim ain't gonna be too happy!
The Kakotron 2000 form Gagco. Only 500 credits.