Militant mutants manufacture misery for Karatikus

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Militant mutants manufacture misery for Karatikus is a News Bulletin by Steve Unis posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 35% increase in the price of grain, fertilite, fresh water, livestock and Synthi meat on Karatkus.


Militant Mutants manufacture misery for Karatikus
An on-the-spot report by Steve Unis
Militant activists, possibly linked to the League Exacting Mutant Recognition (L.E.M.U.R.), have inflicted wide-scale misery on the inhabitants of Karatikus. A series of co-ordinated acts of sabotage on food depositories has led to the destruction and poisoning of all foodstuffs. 382 cases of poisoning had been reported by yesterday, and thousands more have chosen to go hungry rather than risk a painful death. All Merchants with food to sell are being offered top prices to bring their goods to the planet, where armed guards will ensure safe distribution.