New!!! From MegaGags!!! The Virtual Victim

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New!!! From MegaGags!!! The Virtual Victim is a News Bulletin posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


New!!! From MegaGags!!! The Virtual Victim
MegaGags, 'The Generals of Japery',
present their latest guaranteed Mirth Maker to make a party go with a bang: the Virtual Victim. Basically a low-level cyborg, he looks just like any other Joe Average. He can make small talk, laugh, drink cocktails and eat canapes. And then, just when everyone is used to his can kill him! Shoot him with the supplied QuasiPistol, and see blood spurt out of one of his 10 fake wounds! Hit him over the head with a blunt instrument, and laugh as PseudoBrains splatter over the host's expensive wall coverings! You'll laugh until you puke with the Virtual Victim, priced at only 579 credits. Also comes in Nun and Octogenarian (35 credit supplement).