'Party' party outlawed

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'Party' party outlawed is a News Bulletin by Bert Fibbling-Dreltch posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


'Party' party outlawed
A report by Bert Fibbling-Dreltch
The Interplanetary Congress has passed a ruling that the Party for Serious Fun, a one-man political organisation headed by legendary playboy Ozzie Matthias, is a non-viable political organisation, and as such is prohibited from participating in any electoral contest. The PSF, which runs on the sole premise that everyone should be having as much fun as is humanly possible, has had its headquarters, a small caravan parked outside the Sinners Inn on Hermes, confiscated. We asked Matthias, who was inside the bar at the time, for his opinion, but he was too drunk to speak.