Star arrested in food fight frenzy

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Star arrested in food fight frenzy is a News Bulletin by Zeus Padanga posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 30% increase in the price of grain, fertilite, fresh water, livestock and Synthi meat on Hades.


Star arrested in food fight frenzy
Zeus Padanga reports from Hades
Zak Skintight, lead singer of hit pongo band The Buttock Men, was in prison on Hades last night, facing charges of affray, disorderly conduct and mass murder. Apparently, during his last concert, broadcast planet-wide, Zak shouted 'Food Fight!', leading to riots and food wastage on an unprecedented scale. Gross shortages of all foodstuffs have resulted, and many have starved as a result. When asked for comment, Zak winked and said 'It's a bit of a arf, innit?'. Keep on rocking, Zak.