Beer, beer, we want more beer

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Beer, beer, we want more beer is a News Bulletin by Nigel Firkin posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 60% increase in the price of Bex beer on Bex.


Beer, beer, we want more beer
Ale correspondent Nigel Firkin lets rip
Well, its good clean fun aplenty down here at the Real Beer festival on Bex. Enthusiasts from all three systems are here, tankards hanging from their belts. A number of new brews are on show, with those drunken deacons of the Blessed Brew revealing a whole new range of toothsome ales. Uncle Kashumai's Bowel Loosener is proving a firm favourite, as is Dr. Ploppy's Black Death. Me, I favour Outhouse Armageddon as the pint par excellence, something the state of my underwear goes to show. Supplies are running very low, however, and if new supplies of Bex Beer aren't forthcoming, there's going to be a few angry drunks around.