All-Stars do it again

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All-Stars do it again is a News Bulletin by Doug Rostrum posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


All-Stars do it again
Sports correspondent Doug Rostrum reports
The legendary Karatikus All-Stars Basketball team have once again clinched all four titles in the inter-system championships. This season they won every single match they played - not unreasonable, considering the average height of the team is 3.06 metres (their closest rivals, the Bexian Basketeers, have an average height of 2.56 metres). Captain Burt 'Shortarse' Beckley was once again a picture of modesty, attributing his team's success to the fact that it's the only one completely comprised of mutants, who are not only significantly taller than their opponents, but can also use their telepathic powers to work out what the other team are going to do.