Yummiechow announce third quarter losses

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Yummiechow announce third quarter losses is a News Bulletin by Derwin Bedloe posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


Yummiechow announce third quarter losses
Industry analyst Derwin Bedloe reports
Food manufacturers Yummiechow Inc. yesterday revealed record losses for the third fiscal quarter. Chairman Alson Olver blamed the shortfall on the failure of the company's much-vaunted Munchums in the marketplace, as well as the disastrous Janus Incident, in which a convoy of three of the company's Monolith transporters was hijacked by pirates, resulting in large quantities of Yummiechow products being sold cheaply on the black market. Olver made a pledge to shareholders that a new and exciting product line-up for the fourth quarter would lift the company out of the doldrums.