D.A. issue new guidelines

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D.A. issue new guidelines is a News Bulletin by Viman Vigga posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


D.A. issue new guidelines
Deathball correspondent Viman Vigga reports
The Deathball Association this afternoon revealed plans to add four new rules to the rulebook, a decision which will make that slim journal three times larger. The resolution was deemed necessary in light of a few recent matches - notably the Treyk-Barzon Incident, and the Fewley-Trenzik Massacre. From now on, use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons is strictly banned. Any team using them immediately forfeit the match, be banned for a year, and have its manager executed. Also proscribed is the use of military vehicles and hardware - no more napalm strikes, unfortunately. Oh well, it's still a great game.