Civilian version of Freij Craft released

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Civilian version of Freij Craft released is a News Bulletin by Niff Tiddell posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes the commercial release of the ML6A Freij MK II.


Civilian version of Freij Craft released
'Aeronaut' magazine editor Niff Tiddell reports
Ares Systems yesterday unveiled a new model of the fearsome Freij Fighter, the ship that Military organisations all over the system have been so impressed by. The civilian version is slightly less powerful, but still features extremely heavy shields and armour and an unrivalled array of weapon and equipment slots. With all this and incredible acceleration, velocity and afterburner speed as well, the Freij looks set to take the mercenary world by storm. However, this level of quality does not come cheap so make sure you have plenty of credits available.