Cult leaders arrested in Livestock fiasco

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Cult leaders arrested in Livestock fiasco is a News Bulletin by Pete O'Hara posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 35% increase in the price of livestock on Bex.


Cult leaders arrested in Livestock fiasco
Tabloid reporter Pete O'Hara comments on a worrying phenomenon
Bex authorities this morning announced that they would be prosecuting the leaders of the latest faddish cult to inflict itself upon the populace, The Close Friends of the Unspeakably Evil Vissiluth, Being of the Pit. The Close Friends were content peddling the usual brand of spiritual mumbo-jumbo and daemonic nonsense, when their popularity went slightly to their heads. Their leader, The Grand High Mu of Ineffable Damnation, decreed that the Red-wattled Bison, the planet's chief Livestock, were spiritually impure and must be destroyed. His gullible followers complied, and huge quantities have been sacrificed. New supplies are urgently required.