Diddler plays a blinder!

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Diddler plays a blinder! is a News Bulletin by Jurg Bellini posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes no change in the price of optic nerves on Bex.


Diddler plays a blinder!
Jurg Bellini reports
I'm reporting from the first Dart Tennis championships, being played here in the Eclogue Stadium on Bex. The level of competition has been admirable, considering the sport's brief history, and the final between Bjorn Diddler and Spike Brampton was one of the finest sporting events I have ever seen. Both contestants played to the utmost of their ability, tying the score at two sets apiece, when Diddler, who had sustained at least 14 minor injuries and lost a litre of blood, played an incredible smash that hit Brampton straight in the left eye, causing considerable cerebral lesion. Brampton retired hurt, and Diddler held up the cup to rapturous applause.