Trillionaire blamed for flood deaths

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Trillionaire blamed for flood deaths is a News Bulletin by Elspeth Caldwell posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 20% decrease in the price of fresh water on Karatikus.


Trillionaire blamed for flood deaths
An exclusive report by Elspeth Caldwell on Karatikus
The palace of interplanetary playboy Richass Creesus was besieged by an angry mob yesterday, following an accident at the site of Creesus' 'A sea of my own' project. Creesus, whose intention was to build 'the largest swimming pool in the history of the system', had no comment to make. The collapse of the artificial sea is attributed to the use of low-grade Brikcrete at the deep end. A large portion of the continental landmass is now underwater, and thousands have died in the incident. Fresh Water is readily available at cheap prices.