Statistics debate rages on

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Statistics debate rages on is a News Bulletin by Krispin Barosso posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


Statistics debate rages on
A report by Krispin Barosso
The debate between Crius Entertainment Secretary Noel Dibley and 'Sacred Life' campaigner Mary Brazeel rages on. Brazeel is pushing hard for the banning of Deathball, the system's favourite sport, saying it is sacrilegious and immoral; a poll she has conducted amongst members of her parish shows that 97% of them find the sport offensive and wrong. Dibley has consistently countered by saying over 900 million people regularly watch the game, which generates in excess of 300 billion credits per annum, and if people are going to volunteer to kill or be killed by other people in the name of entertainment then he isn't going to stop them.