Crius inhabitants show a lot of front

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Crius inhabitants show a lot of front is a News Bulletin posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 25% increase in the price of Synthi skin on Crius.


Crius inhabitants show a lot of front
Fashion editor Lou Cottomy reports
Well, hiiiii, style vampires, and welcome to this report from the lifestyle front-line. Hot tip for this month comes from those crrrazy folks on Crius. Apparently, the in-thing for the man who keeps abreast of fashion is exactly that: a breast. Clinics across the planet are being bombarded with applications from guys who want to have breasts made from Synthi Skin grafted onto their manly chests. Freako, eh? Well, here's what the most recent addition to these bosomy blokes, Terri Almer, has to say: 'It's, like, been a real revelation to me. I feel that it's put me really in touch with my feminine side, yeah, and, like, really taken a weight off my chest'.