'Classic Craft' company finally fold

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'Classic Craft' company finally fold is a News Bulletin by Stefen Greglow posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


'Classic Craft' company finally fold
Transport editor Stefen Greglow reports
Spaceship enthusiasts everywhere were in mourning last night, following the news that renowned manufacturer Selby Transports had finally declared themselves bankrupt. Selby were responsible for classic marques such as the 'Eagle' interceptor, 'Bluebird' scoutship and the 'Marauder' corvette, craft that were the stuff of every sub-adult's dreams. Rare models now go for up to 15 million credits, several thousand times their original asking price, but, sadly, Selby lost the way, and hadn't had a commercial success since the reasonably popular 'Admiral'-class dreadnought.