Help us! plead the inhabitants of Hades

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Help us! plead the inhabitants of Hades is a News Bulletin by Tony Countdown posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 60% increase in the price of grain, fertilite, fresh water, livestock and Synthi meat on Hades.


Help us! plead the inhabitants of Hades
Tony Countdown is on the scene
Disaster has struck on Hades. A contamination of the water supply, supposedly linked to Military testing, has given rise to immense shortages of all foodstuffs. Thousands have died already from hunger, and this figure could rise considerably if assistance is not forthcoming. Hades authorities have issued an all-system appeal to traders and aid agencies, urging increased food imports. 'I'm hungry and want to eat' was the reply we got from a hollow-eyed young waif we talked to in the street.