Happy Camper

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Happy Camper is a News Bulletin by Julienne posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 25% increase in the price of fluffy rodents and Warp Steroids on Karatikus.


Happy Camper
Alternative society correspondent Julienne reports from Karatikus
I'm here at the bash of the century, darlings, a simply huge drag party in honour of pop sensation Beltin' Jan. You wouldn't believe the naughty japes we've been up to, all these beautiful boys and girls wearing some just divine frocks, it makes me moist just at the thought of it. We're gonna party, party, party all night long, and yah boo sucks to any party pooper who says we're not. Oh, and a message to all you hunky space truckers out there; we're just gagging for Fluffy Rodents and Warp Steroids, darlings, so pop by and get down. Smooches to you all.