Damn that Dam!

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Damn that Dam! is a News Bulletin by Lara J. Righteous posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 30% decrease in the price of fresh water on Hephaestus.


Damn that Dam!
Lara J. Righteous pulls no punches
Architect Zimzam Edific was in hiding last night, following the collapse of his much-vaunted Pistak dam on Hephaestus yesterday morning. Edific, notorious for his use of unconventional building materials, had decided to use Naval issue hard-tack biscuit for the project, claiming 'I've been in the Navy, mate, and that stuff's bloody indestructible'. Alas, he was proved very wrong, and approximately 15 million cubic units of water has flooded the Pistak valley, killing 2,500 innocent citizens, and rendering thousands more homeless. Any trader willing to ship some Fresh Water off-planet can expect a warm reception.