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Wing Commander   Game Notes
  Enyo System
  McAuliffe System
  Gateway System
  Gimle System
  Brimstone System
  Cheng-Du System
  Dakota System
  Port Hedland
  Kurasawa System
  Rostov System
  Hubble's Star
  Hell's Kitchen
  Venice System

Wing Commander : Secret Missions   Game Notes
  Goddard System
  Border Zone
  Midgard System
  Valgard System
  Vigrid System

Wing Commander : Secret Missions 2   Game Notes
  Firekka System
  Corsair System
  Near Firekka
  Corsair System Pt 2
  Charon System

Wing Commander II   Game Notes
  Gwynedd System
  Niven System
  Ghorah Khar System
  Novaya Kiev System
  Heaven's Gate
  Tesla System
  Enigma System
  K'tithrak Mang
  Ghorah Khar (Alt)
  Novaya Kiev (Alt)
  Tesla (Alt)
  Gwynedd (Alt)

Wing Commander II : Special Operations   Game Notes
  Ghorah Khar 1
  Ghorah Khar 2

Wing Commander II : Special Operations II   Game Notes
  Canewdon 1
  Canewdon 2
  Canewdon 3
  Ayers Rock

Wing Commander III   Game Notes
  Orsini System
  Tamayo System
  Locanda System
  Blackmane System
  Ariel System
  Caliban System
  Torgo System
  Loki System
  Alcor System
  Freya System
  Hyperion System
  Kilrah System
  Delius System
  Proxima System
  Sol System

Secret Missions 1

Midgard 1

Primary Objectives Destroy any enemies encountered
Your Ship Scimitar
Wingman Bossman
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Head for Nav 1, and destroy any Kilrathi patrols you encounter. Once you reach Nav 1, your primary objective is to destroy the Falstaff. Afterwards, head for Nav 2. We've detected a Ralari cruiser there. Eliminate it. And keep your eyes open for fighter patrols and escort ships.
2 Jalthi
4 Krant
1 Drayman
2 Salthi
1 Ralari


  • When you meet the Jalthis, remember what you were told long ago: never rush a Jalthi head on. Afterburn past it, turn, and smash it from behind. Then there's the Drayman. It is risky taking out all Krants before heading on to the Drayman since there's a chance the Drayman will jump out. It is probably better to take out two Krants, then the Drayman, then mop up the other two Krants with missiles. The Ralari is easy, just take out the escorts and use normal capship attacking tactics.


    Success / Failure go to Midgard 2.

    Midgard 2

    Primary Objectives Escort captured Dralthi to Claw
    Your Ship Scimitar
    Wingman Bossman
    Other Friendly Ships Dralthi at Nav 2
    Briefing Head to the rendezvous point via Nav 1. Nav 2 is your real destination. Make sure there's no danger for our Dralthi fighter who will meet you there. Escort him home. One thing. Tactical recommends that Nav 1 should be avoided for the trip home. You are to return by way of Nav 3 and use the asteroids for cover.
    NAV 1
    2 Gratha
    1 Ralari
    NAV 2
    3 Dralthi
    NAV 3
    4 Dralthi
    1 Fralthi
    5 Dralthi


  • There's nothing special about handling the Ralari so I won't say anything about that. I hope you like Dralthis because there are plenty of them from now on. When you reach Nav 2, the friendly Dralthi is already under attack, but fortunately the attackers won't mind attacking you instead, so just get in to the battle quickly, and end it quickly.
  • Taking out the wing of 4 Dralthis quickly is also a good idea, since if you wait too long the Fralthi arrives, although you can always run away from it if you don't fancy trying to take it out. If you must use missiles at this point, try to only use one and use the rest on the wing of 5 Dralthi. Other than that, try to stick close to the friendly Dralthi so you can help it if it gets in a fix.


    Success go to Jotunheim 1.


    Comment on a mission

    Submitted by : Wedge009
    Mission : 2
    Comments : If you're brave, try returning to the Claw via Nav 1 and see what you can find. Try leaving Nav 2 for last if you have trouble keeping the Dralthi alive.

    Submitted by : Loki
    Mission : Midgard 2
    Comments : DO NOT try to clear a path for the dralthi by going to Nav 3 first then onward to the dralthi, or you'll find the dralthi trying to fight of two Fralthi! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

    Submitted by : Bonkus Maximus
    Mission : Midgard 2
    Comments : Loki, you're probably not playing the KS version...I got the Gratha and Ralari, returned to the Claw to face the Fralthi+ fighters (forgot how many), then went to Nav. 3 and 2....nice way to boost your kill score...just very difficult

    Submitted by : Virus
    Mission : Mission 2
    Comments : It's possible to navigate far away frm nav's 1 and 3 using radar and checking map, so after clearing nav 2 one nay return to Claw without any fight.

    Submitted by : LightNinja
    Mission : Midgard 1
    Comments : It is much easier to first go to Nav 2 and take out the Ralari and after that destroy the drayman. Otherwise Bossman will most likely be killed or decides to flee back to the claw. In this case, you it's pretty had against 4 krants.

    Submitted by : Penta
    Mission : Midgard 2
    Comments : I found a most...unfortunate problem. Go Nav 1. Killkillkill. Go back to claw. Go Nav 3. Killkillkill. Go Nav 2. Save the Dralthi. Then, I make to return to the Claw... I encounter 4 Jalthi and *2* Fralthi.... Yes, I died.

    Submitted by : Junta
    Mission :
    Comments : Just go wherever you are supposed to go, and shoot down all the enemies. Order your wingman back to base if you are afraid that he will get killed. How hard could it be? I can manage this with my PC-screen shut off.

    Submitted by : Bonkus Maximus
    Mission : Midgard 2
    Comments : Ivan Drago (Played by Dolph Lundgren) said of Appolo Creed, same holds true of your wingman: If he dies, he dies.

    Submitted by : Chikiko
    Mission : MIDGARD 2
    Comments : The issue i'm having with bossman is that he wont return to base even when his ship is all red. his fanatacal in his devotion to staying with you. and when the does eject, the kilrathi almost always seem to kill him.

    Submitted by : Sycrusian
    Mission : Midgard 2
    Comments : How to kill everything with minimal risk to the captured Dralthi: go to Nav 1, kill. Then, go to Nav 3. You will stop near the rocks. Go back to Nav 1, kill. Back to the Claw, and then to Nav 3, kill everything on the way. Finally, go to Nav 2. Easy.

    Submitted by : toolametosay
    Mission : midgard 2
    Comments : i have a question: i finished the dralthi escort by skipping nav3 entirely, does it count as a failure?

    Submitted by : Peterson
    Mission : Midguard 2
    Comments : Rather annoyingly, after clearing everything at Nav 3, I saw the Dralthi's shields were down, so I decided to wait for them to recharge before proceeding. But the Dralthi just zipped off at full speed... and then exploded for no reason whatsoever.

    Submitted by : Chaosbringer
    Mission : Midgard 2
    Comments : I'm in KS, i went to nav3 first, and i encountered 5 dralthi at half way, killed them, and then went to nav2, made the rendezvous, went nav3 again, and to the claw without fighting, using afterburners(i hate fly in scims)

    Submitted by : Vapor
    Mission : All
    Comments : Junta, you say you can do it with your PC screen turned off? I'm gonna have to call bullshit on that, 'till I see you do it.

    Submitted by : Alec
    Date : Tue Dec 20 13:39:57 2011
    Mission : Midgard 2
    Comments : I usually skip Nav 3 and just head straight back to the claw. Every time I do that though, Spirit is always KIA! Then I have to do the next missions alone. Most annoying! Any suggestions?

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