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Special Operations 2

Canewdon 1-A: Strike
Canewdon 1-B: Patrol
Canewdon 1-C: Strike
Canewdon 1-D: Escort
Canewdon 1-E: Patrol

Canewdon 1-A : Strike

Primary Objectives Escort of Jazz to the Alcatraz.
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Shelton
Other Friendly Ships TCS Delphinium
TCS Polemic
TCS Xebec
TCS Camelopard
TCS Bastille
Briefing Akko Station: Colonel, this is Akko Station. Sorry to cancel your leave... You are to escort the prison ship Bastille to a rendezvous with the prison ship Alcatraz. The Alcatraz is waiting at Nav Point 1. The Alcatraz will take "Jazz" Colson back to Earth to be executed.
Maverick: Escort "Jazz" Colson to his execution? It'd be my pleasure!
Akko Station: Affirmative, Maverick. Return to the Concordia after completing your mission.
Akko Station → Nav 1
4 Jalkehi
Nav 1
2 Sartha


  • You can't stop Jazz from escaping at Nav 1 (there wouldn't be a game then).

Success / Failure go to Canewdon 1-B.

Canewdon 1-B : Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all NAV points.
Your Ship Sabre
Wingman Stingray
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: Maverick, you and Stingray will do a fly-by of your Nav Points. That is all. Good luck, and good hunting. Dismissed.
Nav 1
3 Gothri
Nav 2
4 Sartha
1 Dorkathi
4 Gothri


  • Save your missiles. The heat seekers or dumb fires are nice and easy to use on the Dorkathi, and the FFs are great for asteroid situations.

Success / Failure go to Canewdon 1-C.

Canewdon 1-C: Strike

Primary Objectives Retrieve ejected Morningstar pilot.
Your Ship Rapier
Wingmen Stingray
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Tolwyn: Major, Lt. Burkheimer reports Captain Grimaldi's ship didn't make the jump.
Maniac: Captain Grimaldi's ship had jump troubles, but they were supposed to be fixed before her departure. The Morningstar doesn't yet have the capability to rescue an ejected pilot. She's had it!
Maverick: Sir, there's a Sabre ready on the flight deck now. I volunteer to go retrieve the Captain.
Maniac: Admiral, this is one of my squadron. I request to fly the Sabre.
Tolwyn: In the future, Major, I advise you to keep better track of your squadron. Good luck, Colonel Blair.
4 Grikath
Nav 1
5 Drakhri


  • After taking out the Drakhri, move within tractor range of the ejected pilot (a yellow dot on your radar). When you're close, turn so the pilot is on your six (behind you). Then switch to your turret (F4), press 'g' to switch to your tractor beam, aim at the pilot and hit enter. If this doesn't work, try moving closer.
  • I would suggest successfully recovering the ejected pilot. Otherwise you will be forced to play Canewdon 1-E after the next mission.

Success/Failure go to Canewdon 1-D.

Canewdon 1-D: Escort

Primary Objectives Escort Maniac to the jump point, then patrol the rest of your Nav points.
Your Ship Sabre
Wingman None
Other Friendly Ships Maniac
Briefing Angel: As the Morningstar still appears to be plagued by random jump failure --- I would like Maverick to accompany one of the Wild Eagles on a test jump. There will be a special jump recorder onboard that may give us the necessary data to correct the problem. I believe Crossbones would be the most appropriate pilot for this mission.
Maniac: Colonel Devereaux, I request to fly the test jump myself. If anything is going to happen to a pilot in the Morningstar, I want it to happen to me first.
Angel: If you feel so strongly about this, Todd, then I have no objection... Maverick, meet Maniac at Nav 1, watch him jump out, patrol your Nav Points and return home. Dismissed
Nav 2
1 Dorkathi
(Gamal Gan)
Nav 3
5 Jalkehi


  • Whatever you do, do not destroy the Gamal Gan. This will result in a court martial. Be careful, as it will appear as an enemy on your radar.
  • Success (with Successful pod pickup in Canewdon 1-C) go to Canewdon 2-A.
  • Success (with unsuccessful pod pickup in Canewdon 1-C) go to Canewdon 1-E
  • Destruction of the Gamal Gan results in loss.

Canewdon 1-E: Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all Nav Points and destroy the 4 Kamekh.
Your Ship Sabre
Wingman Kaiser
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: We have detected a large scale Kilrathi assault force making an approach towards the Concordia. There is no doubt that this is the spearhead of a major military operation intended to drive us from the sector. Until we receive the order, we cannot retreat. Until such time, or until the danger has passed we shall remain on full alert... Maverick, you and Kaiser will fly the first patrol. Good luck.
Nav 1
3 Grikath
Nav 2
3 Gothri
4 Kamekh
Nav 3
3 Sartha


  • This is one of the harder missions in this campaign. Not only do you take on 9 fighters, but you also take on 4 tightly packed corvettes. Taking out one Kamekh isn't very hard. Four, however, is a challenge.
  • To win this mission you must destroy all four of the Kamekh.

Success go to Canewdon 2-A. Failure results in loss.


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