Sins Of A Solar Empire Mod Gets All Fired Up

Today's update to the Wing Commander mod for Sins of a Solar Empire is all about engines. Nomada_Firefox has carefully worked within the game's limitations to get the powerful flares looking just right. The results look pretty hot! In cases where the exact number of light sources exceeded what's possible, he spaced things out for best effect. Things like these might seem minor, but they add a lot to the atmosphere and contribute to the sense that things are off when they're missing.
The latest work is to normalize everything with the change of scale. For example, the engines. If you are curious, SOASE has a limit to the amount of engine lights added for each ship. For this reason, ships such as the Waterloo do not have lights in all their engines.

Behind The Blue Screens Of The Scimitar Schematic

Joe Garrity has uncovered another gem from his vast archives. This time he's managed to secure a copy of the original Scimitar master of the blueprints included with Wing Commander 1. You can see how each of the little elements is taped in place prior to mass production - that's how layout was done back in the day! It's neat how everything is all there, plus an extra "top view" floating near the logo. Check out all four original blueprints here.
Origin was well known for the extras in the box, that drew players into the story-line, and Wing Commander was no exception. The first game in the series included 4 blueprints of the fighters the player would fly (and would double for the copy protection). This artifact is the master 'overlay' for the Scimitar medium fighter, used to make these blueprints. With graphics and specs meticulously pasted to a transparency, the item is another unique relic of a classic game.

Righteous Playthrough of Privateer and Expansion

YouTuber Hercxena has wrapped up his playthrough of Wing Commander: Privateer and the Righteous Fire expansion pack. Many people have recorded Let's Play videos of various Wing Commander installments, but smaller titles like Righteous Fire don't get much coverage. If you skipped over Privateer or Righteous Fire back in the day, you can get a taste on Hercxena's channel. The easiest way to acquire and play the DOS classics is through their digital re-release on Good Old Games.

Happy Birthday Wing Commander Academy!

Today marks 20 years since the premiere of the Academy television show on the USA Network! The animated series came at a prime time in Wing Commander history. It arrived just a few months after Wing Commander 4 & the CCG premiered and a couple months ahead of Kilrathi Saga & Privateer 2. Fans were treated to delightfully well researched story arcs as well as the familiar voices of Mark Hamill, Tom Wilson and Malcolm McDowell. As part of the Saturday morning action extreme team, it would be easy to dismiss as just another kids' cartoon, but the reality was far from it. Each episode featured themes such as the ethics of genocide, losing loved ones and debate on wartime strategy. Its art style was pretty snazzy too! The show earned significant critical acclaim and is regarded as one of the many highlights of the franchise that newcomers must experience. Amazon lists the two-DVD set for an incredibly low $5.99. At this price, absolutely everyone should own a copy! When you get your discs, check out the viewers guide to see what order to what each episode in. They come on the disc in production order, but this differs slightly from both the way that they aired and the way that they fall in the timeline. Check back when it's time to make sense of the Warrior King or figure out which ships can be seen throughout space. You can even hit up Shapeways for a small 3D print of the Academy Tiger's Claw.

Fleet Action & Heart Of The Tiger Ebooks Partly Released!

Been has officially listed Wing Commanders Fleet Action and Heart of the Tiger in its ebook store! Expect to see them show up for Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle and more on December 6, 2016. In the Baen tradition of releasing partial manuscripts ahead of time, the first half of each novel is already available for early purchasers. Additionally, there are several sample chapters for each book available for free. Check them out, and you'll definitely be anxious for more. News of their eventual arrival was hinted at several weeks ago during a panel at Dragon*Con, but it's nice to see how quickly that's turned into real products. As an extra bonus, they'll be included in the December 2016 Monthly Baen Bundle alongside "1635: A Parcel of Rogues," "Monster Hunter International, Second Edition" and several others for a combined price of $18. Thanks to Sailor Sixty Seven for spotting this one!
FLEET ACTION: The Kilrathi Empire is in a bind. For the last five years they have been constructing a secret fleet so powerful that it will slice straight through to Earth and destroy the Confederation. There is a problem, however: the Confederation has become increasingly successful with its behind-the-lines raids and the Prince fears that before the new fleet is ready, the Empire will be on the ropes.

At a Kilrathi council of war a simple solution is agreed upon: sue for peace, lull the humans into disarming and then when all is ready, launch a surprise offensive.

True to the tradition of democracies everywhere, the Confederation falls for it; the military stands down. Luckily for the human race, however, there are a few who don’t trust soft words from a Kilrathi mouth. Admiral Tolwyn and his veterans must fight a delaying action, buying time with their lives for humanity to make ready for the final battle…

HEART OF THE TIGER: Humans are truly against the wall! Terran forces are pushed to a last stand by the ever-encroaching Kilrathi hordes. The end seems very near. It is time for desperation measures. Against overwhelming odds, the humans try to launch a last offensive against the Kilrathi homeworld. Once again, humanity’s last best hope is embodied in her flyers. Never before has so much been asked of so few—and now humanity’s existence itself is on the line!

Solar Empire Mod Upgrades To 22K Ultra High Definition Dreadnought

Nomada_Firefox has taken on the issue of scale in his Wing Commander mod for Sins of a Solar Empire. Tackling the enormous size of the 22,000 meter Kilrathi dreadnought is challenging for most modders, and it's interesting to see how each project addresses this. In order to prevent an issue with the ship conflicting with planets, he's had to downscale everything 20%, but the proportions are still right. If you're anxious to see this monster in action, there's also a video linked below. Fortunately the SOASE engine has really good zoom in/out features!
This is a example of the final scale. I have followed all the sources and when there was not information about one unit, I have used a good scale for the type of unit. If you want know, first I have made all the units with the same scale and after that, I have reduced them a 20%. Without this reduction, a ship such as the Hvar'kann would be bigger than a planet and it would give thousands of problems. This new scale is equal to the scale from my Star Wars mod and by this reason, I know how it can be used without problems.

Keep in mind that there are many things unfinished in the mod: weapons, particle effects, prices, balance, many things unfinished.

Enhanced Wing Commander 2 Soundtrack Almost Complete!

Jason Walton has nearly completed his project to redigitize the music of Wing Commander 2, and it sounds great! Give it a listen for a fantastic wrap up to our WC2 weekend. Compared to the previous clips he released last month, Jason has upgraded to Logix Pro X as his editor of choice and spent a lot of time ensuring the pacing, tone and synthesized notes were just right. The entire playlist is linked below. Hit start to listen to all 23 tracks, or click on the button in the upper left to jump around. After the Main Theme, I think Kilrathi Theme, Treachery and Strike Mission are my favorite. How about you? There are just a couple more tracks to go that will be added later - we can't wait!
Remastered game music soundtrack for Wing Commander 2. Originally composed by Dana Glover, George Sanger, Dave Govett, Martin Galway, and Nenad Vugrinec.

Listen To A New Take On Thrakhath & The Emperor

It's a Wing Commander 2 weekend! Voice actor David Lanzafame has recorded a pretty slick rendition of the Wing Commander 2 intro. How goes the war against the humans? Click play and find out!
A recreation of the classic opening dialogue from Wing Commander 2. Both characters are voiced myself.
Meanwhile, the Wing Commander 2 live stream is in full swing right now! Watch us play on Twitch all day!

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