Oldies Games TV Reviews Prophecy

OldiesGamesTV is back with their in depth French language video review of Wing Commander Prophecy. Like their WC4 review, it's been broken up into two thirty minute chunks for easy watching. A lot of the space sim community is centered on English or German speaking regions, so it's nice to see people who are so passionate about the series from all around the world, whether or not you can understand exactly what he's saying. If you've never tried playing around with the different options, it's also interesting to see what parts of the HUD, options menus and captions are changed when playing with a different language selected - up to and including which ships get new names!

Avid YouTuber Records Almost Entire WC Series

We've scaled back our coverage on 'Let's Play' videos as they've become more commonplace, but we really missed the boat on the series of playthroughs made by BCSBuster. He got going with these more than six years ago and has covered a huge portion of the Wing Commander series - maybe more than anyone else out there! His playlists include WC1, The Secret Missions, WC2, SO1, SO2, WC3, WC4 and Prophecy. While a handful of dedicated Wingnuts have posted YouTubes about the franchise's "main" games, Buster's attention to completing Secret Ops, Privateer and even Righteous Fire is fantastic! I don't even know where to start watching. He's also got a Starlancer run in the works. Be sure to subscribe or bookmark his channel for future reference!
You've asked for it, and now you're getting it! I am FINALLY going to revisit Wing Commander: Privateer - Righteous Fire and finish this LP that I started 3 years ago! In this episode, our 'hero' has his Steltek gun stolen, and we have to figure out how to get it back! I also just go over a few mechanics to get things underway.

WC Toolbox Relaunched With Even More Editing Features

We haven't properly kept up with the WC Games Library since UnnammedCharacter debuted it towards the beginning of this year. The program contains a package of applications that allows fans to more easily manipulate data in the original Wing Commander game. Last month the project was renamed to Wing Commander Toolbox to better reflect the growing suite of abilities that it has to offer. Progress has recently been made on editing the various fonts/dialogue, campaign structure, briefings, mission data, communications, color palette, ship formats, music sand savegames. Even the intro has been cracked, which allows for customizable copy protection questions! Grab the program and learn more here.
The Wing Commander Toolbox (WCToolbox) is a set of tools to work on Wing Commander game data. It is the same project as the Wing Commander Games Library, just renamed. Seems a bit more appropriate, especially if I continue to add or expand functionality. It is also a play on the name WC Workshop which seems fitting as it served as inspiration for this project. I thought I would recap the support that is presently available in the toolbox and I will also be doing individual post for each supported file format. Included in the WCToolbox:

* The API Library provides an application programming interface for the Microsoft .NET Framework v4. It is a fully documented set of types which provide read and write functionality to many of the game data formats. Consult the help file for additional information, including the underlying data structures of the data formats.

* The WC1 XML Converter is a console application which converts game data to/from XML. Once the game data is in XML, it can be edited and converted back to game data.

* The WC1 Extractor is a console application which extract assets (images, music, etc) from the game data files. It also outputs the content as text.

The following screenshot is a very quick test to see if it was possible to include extended characters. In the test, the diacritical marks are not very obvious since the font does not provide a lot of space for them, but it works.

Intrepid Ready For Frontier Cruise

DefianceIndustries first teased his Intrepid model back in August, and it seemed quite far along at that point. However, the subsequent texturization took the month of September and then some! Fortunately all of that effort was time well spent, and the result is the beauty below. Even the flight deck has been faithfully recreated! We're anxious to see some of DI's planned sister ship variants next.
Finally! Here she is, the finished Durango! The model seemed cursed for a while there, I lost the diffuse texture file twice (both due to sudden and unhappy power losses).

I went ahead and painted her up as the most well known of the class, the Evil I, but I'm also working on a few alternate textures for it: TCS Delphi and the Tango.

She has a fully modeled and textured hangar deck as well. I was going to write up some fun little in-universe blurb, but honestly right now I'm a bit brain fried... hope you like it!

Watch System Shock's Wing Commander Minigame

Afrim Kosovrasti just learned about Wing 0 last week during our coverage of System Shock Enhanced, and he immediately set out to play it. He loaded up a special save file (500 k zip) with the appropriate Entertainment Pak already unlocked and jumped right in. The top-down space shooter plays in the lower left VDU of the game's interface. The brown pirate vessels give off a Jalkehi vibe, and the purple Tri-Lacky ships remind me of Dorkirs. Mission 10 appears to do him in as the action really amps up, but it's a really good effort for someone's first time in. Wing 0 might not be a technological marvel today, but what an awesome easter egg to be embedded in this classic game!
Just found out about the Wing Commander mini game called "Wing 0" on the PC game System Shock. I searched online and could find almost zero info on it so I decided to play it and record it. I ended up with 45 minutes of footage. If you wanna check it out here is the link! Also my apologies for the lack of commentary. Issues with my mic, tried getting it working for about an hr and finally caved and just did the video without it.

As I played on and started figuring things out it actually really started feeling like Wing Commander to me. It's tough doing all the flying and aiming with only a mouse but being the nerd I am I had to check it out since I couldn't find any videos of it anywhere. It was fun but I don't think I will be attempting mission 10 again, that was too tough! I need some missiles and afterburner to take on all those fighters!

Wing Commander Album Complete, Digital Reorchestrations Released To Backers

George Oldziey's campaign to create a high fidelity remaster of his famous Wing Commander music has reached another big milestone! The digital reorchestrations that he has been working on to fill out the full album are now complete, and a download link has been sent out to fans who backed the project. If you didn't receive it, log in to Kickstarter to access the files. They include seven more tracks that very nicely complement the ten recordings that were performed by a live orchestra last year. This supplemental package includes lots of great foundational music that players of WC3&4 should readily identify with. They're a joy to listen to! George has provided the full scoop below. He's now working on getting the physical album discs into contributor's hands by the end of the year. Fans have had to wait a bit to get this far, but the audio goodness is worth it!
Greetings my VERY patient friends!

I hope you all enjoy the sample based bonus tracks that I'd promised you all. They obviously don't have the amazing breadth and, as conductor Allan Wilson so poignantly said in his interview, "soul and spirit" of music recorded with a real orchestra, I think they they are light years ahead of the original versions of 20 years ago!

Next step is to finish off the physical CD, which I promise to have shipped out to the appropriate tier levels by the holidays, along with the other bonus prizes that were bid upon.

Again, thank you to all of you for your amazing support! Shall we think about volume 2 for next year? :)

Musically yours,


If you haven't yet seen the documentary that chronicles the effort to get this music recorded, be sure to check it out below!

Red Alert 2's On The House

Electronic Arts' latest game to go on the house is Command & Conquer Red Alert 2. Titles in this program briefly become free to download and keep via EA's Origin games storefront. Wing Commander 3 and a number of other classic Origin Systems titles have been given away as a part of this program over the last couple years. The C&C series has had an interesting run with several incidental links to WC. It began as a hit real time strategy game made by Westwood Studios in 1995 (the series turned 20 on August 31!), who were also purchased by Electronic Arts. Like Wing Commander, this afforded bigger budgets that resulted in some relatively big names starring in well done live actor FMV cutscenes. While space sims went somewhat dormant, EA doubled down on C&C and invested heavily in promoting multiple sequels that continued the FMV tradition through Command & Conquer 4 in 2010. Malcolm McDowell even starred in 2009's Red Alert 3: Uprising, which resulted in a somewhat bizarre advertisement for the game that entirely referenced footage from Wing Commander 4. Things have been relatively dormant for the last five years, except for a free to play MMO released in 2012. But RA2 is a fantastic game, grab it free here! In related news, EA announced earlier this year that Origin accounts would be known instead as EA accounts. It seemed at one point like this might mean the Origin service itself would be rebranded, but several months have passed now and there don't seem to have been any significant changes.

Wing Commander Broadcasting On German TV

In this day and age, with all the online streaming options for the WC movie, it's hard to imagine anyone not having either purchased a digital copy of the movie or having access to a streaming service that hosts it, but if you are one of those people and happen to live in Germany, your next chance to catch the Wing Commander film on TV happens this month. RTV will be airing the show on Thursday, October 15th at 7:15. You can visit the RTV site for more details.

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