Fatman Interviewed for Game Sound Documentary

Beep is an upcoming documentary about the history of game sounds, ranging from Victorian mechanical games, to pinball machines to modern video games. The documentary was financed through crowdfunding and is set to come out this Summer. In the meantime, the creators have been releasing webisodes that are free to view. One such webisode is a 45 minute interview with Wing Commander composer George The Fat Man Sanger. They talk about his early career, getting into MT-32, composing for slot machines, and where he sees the industry moving. At the 28:20 mark the topic shifts to Wing Commander, working with Dave Govett, and the very first sound awards at the GDC. You can watch the interview on Vimeo or embedded below. Vimeo also offers downloadable versions.
Beep is a documentary history of game sound from the Victorian arcades through to today, with a special focus on video game sound, but also including mechanical games and pinball. Beep is a feature-length film, a series of webisodes and DVD extras, a book, and a collection of resources here on this website. Beep began with a Kickstarter campaign in August/September 2014, and began filming in October 2014. Beep the film and book are scheduled for release in summer 2016.

Wing Commander Running On More Micro PCs

Allan Pead took this photo of Wing Commander 3 running on a LattePanda micro computer. Like with the Raspberry Pi, newer and better low-cost units continue to be developed, and it's great to see fans putting them to the test by seeing how they emulate WC games. It has a funny name, but if it can run The Heart of the Tiger, it's okay in my book! I still dread the loading wait times before launching from the Victory...

Invulnerable WC1 Speedrun Focuses On The Fight

Christopher DeWitt put together an interesting video of a Wing Commander speedrun. Lots of people have recorded themselves fully playing through the game, but Chris wanted to see how fast it could be done with invulnerability on. Some might consider this cheating, but he did not use "alt+delete" instant destruction command. Also without ever ejecting, the total run time came in under two hours. This compares to LOAF's incredible continuous sub-nine-hour time to play through the game in last year's 25th Anniversary Livestream with deaths, breaks and replays included. I'm happy to admit I used Origin -k on occasion as a kid to play through the Vega Sector, and it was still an incredibly thrilling immersive experience to dogfight without the fear of death at every turn. I think both playthroughs are lots of fun to watch in their own way!
Got an idea for a Wing Commander speedrun that I wanted to try out.

I did use "Origin -k -b" cheat but only for the invulnerability, I don't think it would be very doable this way otherwise and I feel even with it on it still makes for an interesting run. Certainly a lot of room for optimizing it and this would also keep it marathon friendly.

This was purely an experiment and I just wanted to see how it would play out. Lemme know what you think in the comments!

Wing Blender 2.0 Beta Adds Many New Features

The first test release of Wing Blender 2.0 has been released! The program allows models to be easily imported and exported between the Blender app and Prophecy/Secret Ops Vision Engine for easy 3D model manipulation. Even if you're not planning to mod the games, it's interesting tool to play around with and explore the guts of the Windows WC games with. Kevin has also made a documentation page for more information on how to use the program. Grab the beta here.
There have been many significant workflow changes since Wing Blender 1.x, so you may want to read the documentation first. New features compared to Wing Blender 1.x:

Export child objects along with parent objects.
Customize LOD ranges.
Customize CNTR/RADI chunks of each mesh.
More validation.
Improved support for varying forward/up axes.
More flexible LOD object naming schemes.
Support for flat colour materials.

Good luck, and good (bug) hunting!

Full Speed Ahead On Flat Universe's Torpedo Development

This week the Maslas Brothers are showing off some of the heavy ordnance that will be featured in the game. Three different grade torpedoes will be available: the Valiant and Firestorm from Prophecy as well as the heavier Lance which debuted earlier. It sounds like there'll be some pretty explosive assaults to come in Flat Universe! You can read all about Wing Commander torpedoes and how they compare with their real life counterparts in Dundradal's WC vs History feature.
We have some cool weapons. To be more precise, these are the Confederation conventional anti cap torpedoes you may encounter in combat (from top to bottom):
Valliant LT (light torpedo)
Firestorm (heavy torpedo)
Lance MK1 (fired only from capships)

Speed, range, lock time and damage potential are different for each type along with the platforms that can carry them. The only things they have in common is that they punch through phase shields and they create some great explosions - when they find the right target off course!

P.S.: Don't accidentally bump into one of those... You won't like it.

Welcome Home LOAF!

We've got some great news to report this weekend! After a very long week in the hospital, CIC co-founder Ben 'Bandit (LOAF)' Lesnick is finally home. He'll be taking it easy for a bit to get back up to full health, but it sounds like the roughest part is fortunately in the past. We're all super happy to have him back!
I'm so excited to be home! Thank you all, will catch up soon.

Tips For Running Super Wing Commander On A Mac

Super Wing Commander pro mkdud has written up some info to help Wingnuts play this relatively illusive game. One option is to secure a 3DO, or fans can try to find the right old Macintosh computer. After quite a bit of tinkering, he's settled on a recommended suite of computer hardware and software that performs well. Note that SWC doesn't want to run on OS X and doesn't always have great luck with emulators, so you're going back a little ways to get the best setup. He's had good success with an iMac G3 333 MHz with 128 gb ram and OS 9.1. You can find out more details on his specific machine here and read the highlights below.
Thanks to the advice from "Bandit LOAF" and others, I have finally assembled a machine that is playing Super Wing Commander very well. I wanted to post this as I have received some interest from other CIC members who potentially wanted to do the same thing, and some wondered if it is worth going to such extremes when we have been blessed with SM 1.5.

IT IS WORTH IT! If you are a big fan of WC1, WC2, and the Privateer era WC games, you will love playing SWC on a proper system. Smooth graphics and animation, great sound, actually good voice acting, and some very unique (and tough) missions make SWC an awesome experience.

After some more experimenting, on the iMac G3 333, I'm now running G3 Throttle at a wait state of 6, and I have PowerLogix Cache Control set to 111 mhz. This has improved the overall gameplay smoothness and stability a bunch. Even in melees with lots of ships, (including cap ships) this seems to have things really smooth and stable. I still have to post my memory settings for SWC; I believe the minimum file size is at 4238k, with a preferred @ 5238k.

I have had several Wing Nuts ask me what I felt was the best "ideal" setup for SWC. If your primary purpose is SWC and WC3 + WC4, I'm starting to see some real virtue in the 1999-2000 series G3 IMacs running OS 9.2. They can be bought for relatively low prices (under $100 +/-), and for a small additional investment (about another $100) on a nice ADB stick, ADB to USB adapter (I use the CompUCable, I had numerous problems with Griffin's Imate), replacement optical drive, and a powered USB hub, you can have a pretty good Mac SWC to WC4 system.

Short But Sweet Profile Shows Love For Amiga WC

AmigaLove.com is a database that highlights the greatest games that were made for the platform. Wing Commander has earned its place as one of the top Amiga titles, so it's a perfect fit for the site. The highlight blurb is fairly brief, but they have a nice screenshot archive to show off the game. WC1 on the Amiga is known for having a fairly tiny color palette, although this has to be taken in context. It's amazing that they got the game running at all - let alone still looking so good with only 16 colors at a time! Check out the profile here.
Wing Commander is one of the finest games created for the sci-fi/space simulation genres of all time. It was technologically innovative with true 3D space employing bitmapped sprites at various angles to create the sensation of true 3D graphics...

System Shock To Be Remastered

System Shock, the 1994 shooter/role playing game published by Origin, is getting a remake. Night Dive Studios, best known for acquiring licenses to DOS classics and updating them for modern systems has initiated a crowdfunding campaign to secure the necessary funds. This studio is also credited with last year's enhanced edition of the original System Shock, which increases the screen resolution and fixes several gameplay and usability issues. The original voice artist for SHODAN is set to record new voiceover materials. An early gameplay trailer and pre-alpha demo are already available. With just about a week to go, the project has exceeded its Kickstarter goal and has the green light to proceed!

Did you know that the CD-ROM edition of System Shock features a hidden Wing Commander mini-game?

Even crazier bit of history: System Shock originally started life as a pitch for a Wing Commander tie-in called Alien Commander!


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