Pilgrim Legacy Full of Untapped Potential

Wojo has dabbled in various WC fan mods over the years, but he's had one pet project going for quite a while. The game would take place in the WC Saga engine and borrow elements from the Wing Commander Movie. It came up again recently in a thread on various add-on campaigns, so Wojo released this single teaser image. As happens with all such undertakings, real life is relentless and always interferes, but if you're interested in ever flying the CF-117 Rapier in another mod, hit the Discuss link below and let him know! The motivation will help let him and other talented fans out there that there are lots of eager players waiting in the wings!
I'm still doing this. My reasons escape me. Why I continue to punish myself after 6 years is beyond me. But here I am, flogging that dead horse...

Wing Commander Saga : Pilgrim Legacy

There. Now it has a name. It's up to the rest of you to shame me into completing it.

Congrats Again Lord British!

Congratulations to Origin founder, second generation astronaut and Wing Commander fan Richard Garriott and wife Laetitia de Cayeux, who welcomed their second child into the world yesterday. Ronin Phi Garriott de Cayeux was born yesterday on the 41st anniversary of his grandfather, Owen Garriott's, launch to the Skylab station. What an out-of-this-world family!

Jalthi Packs a Punch in Beat Hazard

Shaggy's planned WC1 Beat Hazard lineup is complete with the addition of the Jalthi. Predictably, this one is a beast with its heavy gun load out. There's now nine Vega Sector favorites available to fly while enemies are generated to the sound of your own music. Check them out in the game's workshop pages if you have the Shadow Operations DLC. Pictures of the other Wing Commander fighters are available here.
The Jalthi is now up, in the Beat Hazard Workshop, which means that the WC1 fighters are done. I also put them together in a collection that should let you pick and choose which fighters you want to subscribe to. I've thought about doing another pass on the Raptor, because it was the first one I did and I learned a lot of little tricks as things went by. Anyway, bask in the glory of the Jalthi.

Twitch Stream Explorers Original Wing Commander

Whistler reports that BadNewsBaron is in the process of broadcasting a play-through of Wing Commander 1. The Baron is known for live streaming Star Citizen footage on Twitch, and he's turning back the clock a bit to see where Chris Roberts got started in space sims. If you're not familiar with Twitch, it take a concept like YouTube a step further by integrating live video, real time viewer interaction and a heavy emphasis on video game content. It's become very popular on the Playstation 4 and XBox One, but PC users also have many options, including built-in support for broadcasting games from EA's Origin platform. Wing Commander fans have embraced this concept before on multiple YouTube channels, but the primary difference here is the interactive element. When the pilot can't figure out how to land on the Tiger's Claw, viewers in the chat room direct him to request clearance and fly to the front landing deck. The introduction is embedded below (mobile browsers may have to follow the hyperlink if the vid doesn't render), and past clips are available here. He typically streams on weekday mornings and afternoons, US central time, but the content schedule can vary.

Sounding Off About Obscure Sound Cards

LOAF was catching up on some early '90s issues of CGW this morning and came across several sound card advertisements that exemplify the times. It's been many years since people have had to spend much thought on the particular sound card for their new PC, but back in 1992, the market was on fire. Over just a couple short years, the industry converted from simple beeps & boops to dynamic music and digitized speech. Wing Commander 1&2 were at the forefront of this revolution and so were often highlighted in various ads such as these. To underscore the fact that this was largely a new thing for people, all of the hardware mentioned here came with free speakers. And when we got a pair of cheap 3-inch speakers, we actually used them!

Everyone's familiar with the Sound Blasters and AdLibs of the day, but the boards pictured below were not quite as popular. Despite branding itself as the "new affordable P.C. sound standard," the Sound Commander failed to make a lasting mark on the industry. The Sound Runner was out there "conquering the final frontier of truly realistic ear-blasting sound" and claimed to be the most compatible PC sound card with support for over 100 games! Finally, the Sound Galaxy NX was billed as "the only PC sound card you will ever need." It was the only sound card that supported four different competing standards: the Sound Blaster, AdLib, Disney Sound Source and Covox Speech Thing! Apparently it did not support the Sound Commander standard.

Thrakhath Sets Off For Earth

The Confed homeworld has more to fear than a Shiraak! The Hakagas that were under construction in the far flung reaches of the Empire have been completed and are on the move. Everything about the vessel in Klavs' latest render feels heavy and well armored. It also matches well with the Hakagas as they were pictured on the Fleet Action cover, plus there's good style commonality with other Kilrathi warships like the Ralari. You would never want a fleet of these things knocking on your door!
Thanks guys! Here's the Hakaga. She's a little light on red coloring, but I wanted to stay somewhat true to the End Run cover. I figure red accents get added with additional kills and victories, and the Hakagas weren't really 'blooded' until Sirius. She's a beast, 'nuff said! :)

Mark Hamill on Star Wars

The BBC caught up with Mark Hamill at the Guardians of the Galaxy red carpet event in London. They spoke briefly about the new Star Wars trilogy, which has recently started filming. Luke Skywalker is one of several characters from the original trilogy to have a supporting role. Watch the interview here.

Mark Hamill, who has returned to the role of Luke Skywalker after more than 30 years, has said it feels like an "unexpected gift" to be back on a Star Wars set.

He said he was there to lend his support and grow a "contractually-obligated beard".

He praised the new generation of actors, including Daisy Ridley, taking part in Star Wars: Episode VII, in his first TV interview about the new film.

WCMovie Rapier at Paintball Field

Here's a cool find by Klavs. One of the movie Rapier props is now part of the Bricket Wood paintball arena in Hertfordshire, just north of Greater London. It plays a central role in the Launch Pad game mode, in which the defending team must try and launch their space ship while the attacking team bears down on them. This could well be the Rapier that was being auctioned off by a prop seller from Scotland back in 2005. The eBay listing is long gone, but the initial bidding price was £500. In this promotional video from 2012, the ship has a nice black and red paint job, while in this older video from 2009 it has a much more weathered look.

WC Saga Plus Enhanced Fiction Viewer

Luke is still plodding along on Saga Plus, incorporating many bugfixes and enhancements based on player feedback. The complete list of (intended) changes is too long to include here, but many enhancements are meant to improve the usability of the various interfaces throughout the game. Below you can see the original fiction viewer (left) alongside the WCS+ version. Readability has been improved, and users can more easily scroll through the text with the page up/page down keys on the keyboard. More information on this project can be found here.
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