WC RPG Polishing Up Kilrathi Encounters

We continue to admire capi's weekly WC RPG progress updates and how dedicated he remains to the project. Elegy of Sivar's "encounters" have been coming together this month with two of six planned events now complete. These sound like they'll be pretty dynamic scenarios within the context of the game. capi will be taking a well-deserved break from updating everyone next Monday, but work will continue on the game's epilogue and mission details. More nifty deck plans for the Demon's Eye pirate base and the Drayman II transport are in the works as well!
Work continued this past week on Chapter 2.2 of the Elegy Campaign. I did a re-calculation of the time, distance and engine repair estimates for the Valgard and Kabla Meth encounters, which was necessary accounting for the changes to the Valgard encounter that I mentioned in last week's update. Work continued on the Problems sub-section of the Valgard encounter over the next two days and largely involved deciding on the structure of the running fight that takes place there. The encounter will rely on the pseudo-random encounter generation routine already built into the campaign setting, and largely what I needed to do was figure out what would take place given each possible individual encounter, while accounting for the possibilities of failure and success in the previous encounter. Work is not done on the Valgard encounter just yet - there's still the final part of the running fight to handle, the part that might involve a reasonably large fight against Confederation forces in the event of utter failure up to that point.

Park Your Supercruiser Here

callitri is well known for his gorgeous Concordia Supercruiser, but now he's branching out a little. While he's got aspirations to build out more of the WC Movie's fleet, the next project he's leaning towards is the Pegasus outpost from the film's opening sequence. The design is still in the early stages, but he's got a bank of stalls and utility connections in pace. It's another great peek at his flagship too!
I am still thinking of doing the two small craft seen in the movie: Broadswords and Rapiers and of course the asteroid-base/docking station. Since I do modeling in my spare time, I can't promise when I'll be ready with them, but it's on my list of things to do.

I am trying to make Pegasus Naval Base without an actual asteroid because I have problems creating the asteroid part. I'm just focused on the berth itself at the moment. This is the rough layout so far. I want to make the yard itself bigger for other types of ships as well, which is connected to my other long term plan to make at least a couple of smaller capital ships based on this design.

FMV Roller Coaster Runs Its Course

Emotional Multimedia Ride has posted its fifth - and possibly final - installment in their retrospective on the Wing Commander series. Both Prophecy and Secret Ops are grouped together in a review of the Gold package that GOG has for sale. While there are certainly some high points, they find the overall reduced number of cutscenes, lack of video choices and less seasoned cast to be somewhat less compelling than Wing Commander 4, which ranked as one of their favorite games of all time. On the other hand, they do credit the game's alien artwork and engine effects for making the space combat aspect pretty fun. Note that Prophecy's movies can be upgraded to DVD quality after downloading the VOB files and applying the correct upgrade patch, which alleviates one of the issues they have with the game. Check out the full article here or catch up on their entire series here.

Flat Universe Pilots Help Hold The Line

This week's Wing Commander Flat Universe preview isn't very flat at all! It shows a wing of Hornets rushing in to assist a Confed destroyer under siege by several larger Kilrathi combatants. On the positive side, it appears that the Fralthra in the lead has taken quite a few hits. It's nice to see the Maslas Brothers putting Klavs' beautiful ships to good use!
Wing man: “Still holding, sir!”
Wing leader: “Yeah, I reckon so. Hold tight kid! One more pass and she ain’t gonna make it.”

Pandora Handheld Plays WC Saga

Oceankhayne likes to take his Wing Commander on the go, and so he's a fan of items like the Nvidia Shield Portable combined with DOSBox for Android. He's recently upgraded to a Pandora, where he's managed to even get WC Saga running. It also plays the standard Wing Commander games through about WC4 quite well, and you can find a video of Wing Commander 3 in action on the device here. The Pandora has actually been around for a number of years, so it's due to be upgraded to the even fancier Pyra handheld later this year. We're anxiously awaiting your reports of how well it runs Prophecy and Secrets Ops when it's released!
Hidden in the Pandora repo was Wing Commander Saga built for the Pandora. It's quite playable and controls quite well too as you could imagine. So not only does this play all of the games that the Shield can run, it can also play Saga.

WC Saga Deutsch Up To Version 1.07

Luke continues to refine the German edition of Wing Commander Saga, and his latest updates further enhance the experience. Version 1.07 includes improvements to the fiction viewer, overall improved compatibility and mod-ability through new LUA script options. There have also been fixes to the overall "Saga Plus" project in the form of crash fixes, better usability in the menus and modding improvements behind the scenes. German fans are lucky to have such a Wingnut that's so dedicated to this long-lived fan game. Download the full game here or jump straight to updates here.

New Patch Removes Asteroid Damage From WC1&2

Sheppard still loves to play the Wing Commander games, except one thing drives him crazy: asteroids. He didn't want to just cheat his way through the space combat, so he's been determined to figure out a compromise solution. With the advice of a few fellow Wingnuts and some old editing tools, Sheppard managed to isolate the games' space rocks and neutralize the damage they do by slashing their collision radius. The specific coding needed is slightly different for each of the game executables, so he's created pre-patched files with the modifications already made. Note that these have been designed to work with the GOG versions of WC1 and WC2, although his method could also be applied to the pure DOS files as well. Grab the WC1 (270 k zip) and WC2 (460 k zip) .exes and copy them to your game folders. Don't forget to back up your originals before you overwrite! Read up on exactly what he did here: WC1 & WC2.
One of the most frustrating aspects of the original Wing Commander series was the asteroid fields. They seem to have been put in solely for nothing other than to lengthen gameplay via frustration. I could slowly navigate my way through them with patience as a twelve year old...but the thirty-something me can't stand them anymore. So, without further ado, here's how to adjust the difficulty of asteroids in Wing Commander.
Note: Does not prevent collisions with Ayer's Rock!

Cerberus Looking Good From Above

Here's the latest on a very nearly complete TCS Cerberus by DefianceIndustries. The upper superstructure is all textured in now, so the ship is about ready to rock in the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. Defiance saved the best for last, so just weapons and a few minor structures remain. I especially like how the cruiser looks in the dark. It's almost like a city skyline with all of the layers and windows sticking out against the black.
I'm going to take a few weeks off the MUP so I can switch gears and finish out the Black Lance faction for the HWRM mod. I'm also still hammering away at the evil that is BSP trees in the background. But I did manage to squeeze in texturing the Cerberus' bridge and get started on the recovery deck. That leaves just the plasma turret and the launch tubes...

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