Wing Commander Added to Netflix UK

Mike Vanderhoek tipped us off about a new addition to the Netflix library in the UK. Wing Commander is now available for streaming in HD. It doesn't appear to be available in every region yet, although there is fairly wide availability on streaming-for-purchase services such as iTunes, Amazon or VUDU. Also, if you missed the film on Blu-ray last year, Amazon currently lists it for just $9.17!
Earth's only hope against the vicious Kilrathi Empire are two young fighter pilots, who must stop the enemy and warn Earth of an impending attack.

Space Sim Eterium Released

There's a new space combat simulator that's made its way onto the PC. Eterium was released on April 15 through Steam and Desura after several years in development by Wingnut Andrew Luby and team. The game gives off a strong WC vibe, as is evident in the screenshots below. Videos and a demo are available at the game's website for those who want to take a closer look. It's otherwise available as a digital purchase for $20. A 1.0.1 patch is already in work, and a number of features such as keyboard flight control and other interface device tweaks will be included based on user feedback. It's great to see a developer that's responsive to its fans!
Eterium is a space flight sim in the spirit of 90′s games like Wing Commander and X-Wing. Developed by a three-man team, Eterium aims to bring the classic style of space combat games into the modern era. You play as a pilot serving aboard United Earth Alliance carrier Canopus during a war against a vicious alien race known as the Revi. Experience story-driven gameplay, advanced artificial intelligence, procedural missions and intense 3D space combat as you battle your way through over 50 missions of action-packed gameplay.

Get Started With IRC

Internet Relay Chat or IRC may date back to the late 1980s, but it's still a great way to interact with people. You can chat with other Wing Commander fans in the #Wingnut channel on the CIC network ( While this used to require a dedicated IRC program installed on your computer, it has never been easier to connect. You can even join in from your smartphone or tablet. It's hard to keep up with all the different clients, but below are a few options for each platform. Let us know in the comments if you know of a cool alternative!
  • Our web interface is without a doubt the simplest way to connect. We've replaced the Flash application with a client that is built on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No plugins required; it works on any recent browser, even mobile ones. Just direct your browser to You'll automatically join the #wingnut channel after picking a username and hitting Start.
  • The Thunderbird e-mail application supports various real-time chat protocols out of the box. Here is a tutorial for configuring an IRC session. Our server is located at Put a username of your choice and don't worry about the password. Once you are connected, join the #wingnut channel.
  • Chrome users can install the CIRC browser extension.
  • Dedicated IRC applications are still the most powerful. Once you are more familiar with IRC, you may want to upgrade to one of these clients. mIRC or Hexchat for Windows, LimeChat or ircle for Mac and XChat for Linux are just a few options for PC. Tablet and phone users can try AndroIRC for Android, IRC Free for Windows Phone and Linkinus or Colloquy for iOS.

WC Album on Track for October Recording; Supplemental Campaign Announced!

Since the conclusion of his successful Kickstarter last month, former Origin composer George Oldziey has been in negotiations with symphonies all over the world to find the best musicians and make the most efficient use of the funds collected. He's selected Prague's prestigious Dvorak Hall with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra to record the album! Since the Kickstarter basic goal was exceeded, he's used the current proceeds to plan about 30 minutes of finished recording with the orchestra. Although George had a backup plan to fill the remainder of the album with digital tracks, fans have been asking how to maximize the amount of live music.

After our HUGELY successful Wing Commander Music Kickstarter Campaign, which was launched to raise funds to record at least 15 minutes of WC music with a full symphony orchestra and choir, I received bids from orchestras from all over the world! I promised to provide AT LEAST 45 total minutes of music for a CD and digital download (between the orchestral versions and MIDI sample based arrangements) while trying to get as much of it done with the orchestra as possible. After very careful consideration, weighing things like cost and quality of musicianship, I've decided to record the music at the historic Dvorak Hall in Prague with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra! This is a world class group of musicians that will be playing the music in one of the most beautiful and best sounding halls in the world! Right now we are scheduled to record the music in the latter part of October of this year!

The next step is a supplemental campaign to expand the scope of the album. With an additional $14,000, George can reach the full 45 minute mark! This is good news for both past pledgers and people who missed the original drive, and it's more than $10,000 less than the original estimates for the full track list. In order to provide a broader range of options this time around, the additional funds are being collected via Fundrazr. Unlike with Kickstarter, Paypal is now accepted and numerous countries/currencies are supported. People can click on "buy as a guest" during checkout to pay with just a simple credit or debit card as well. People who pledged at a certain level last month are also welcome to add an additional pledge in order to reach a higher combined tier if they'd like. If you know a Wing Commander fan who missed this earlier, please help spread the word! Add to the supplemental campaign here.
With the current amount raised from the initial campaign, minus the percentage that Amazon and Kickstarter received, we have enough funds to record 30 minutes of music with the orchestra and choir. So, we can settle for having 30 minutes of orchestral music with 15 minutes of MIDI music, OR have an entire CD of 45 minutes of music with the orchestra by raising another $14,000 through this FundRazr campaign! My preference is definitely for the latter! I will honor all the same rewards from the original campaign that are based on the various pledge levels! And if for some reason we don't reach our goal but have accumulated more funds I will put that money towards having even more sampled based music into the product!

Thank you again for all your wonderful support! Let's make this a recording for the ages!


Maniac Bikes to Work

Tom Wilson was recently spotted in the May/June 2014 issue of Momentum Magazine. It turns out that when the Maniac isn't test piloting a Morningstar, his go-to mode of transport is the trusty bicycle. Tom explains how biking around Los Angeles is feasible, and he also reveals how he's bounced back from two hip replacements. It's good to see he's keeping busy! If you'd like to check him out in person, his next show is at the ACES Comedy Club in Murrieta, California on May 16 & 17.

French Language WC4 Highlighted at Oldies Games

Jérôme Brenner tipped us off about a profile of Wing Commander 4 in the the French OldiesGamesTV video channel. It's a brief collage of WC4 cutscenes that most Wingnuts are quite familiar with, but the French dubbing is interesting to watch. Over the years we've heard from many fans who learned English so that they could hear the original game audio, but now it's English speakers' turn for a taste of the reverse. This is inherent in any video dub, but it sure is weird to watch our familiar actors' mouths move and hear a different voice come out!
Hi my Geeky Geek friends and welcome to my channel. We have prepared a very special show on the beautiful Wing commander 4 pc;-)

Happy CIC Easter!

The CIC themed Easter eggs are back! Have a good one, folks. Special bonus: Roberts Space Industries' Sandi Gardiner at Lord British's haunted egg hunt at Lake Austin earlier today.

Wing Commander Games Discounted on GOG

Good Old Games is running a big sale this weekend on its Electronic Arts catalog of games, including the Ultima and Wing Commander franchises! This also includes Strike Commander, Crusader and many other familiar titles. There hasn't been a discount like this since their holiday sale in December, and 60% off is nothing to sneeze at. Each of the individual game packs are $2.39, which means the entire DOS/Windows Wing Commander experience is available for just $19! Even if you already own the series, this makes a great gift for someone else. You can find the complete list of games on sale here.
Richard Gariott's Ultima remains an icon of computer RPGs, and many gamers consider Ultima 7 to be the best entry in the entire series. Our Complete Edition includes all four chapters of the game--The Black Gate, Forge of Virtue, Serpent Isle and The Silver Seed--in one handy DRM-free package. Become the virtuous Avatar, the savior of Britannia, to discover the origin of many strange occurrences spreading across the land and to stop the mysterious malicious entity, known as the Guardian, from pushing the world into its doom. With countless hours of deep and satisfying gameplay, this one is a must for all the RPG fans! There's no reason to stop at lucky number seven, though. The whole Ultima series--including the groundbreaking 3D dungeon crawler: Ultima Underworld 1+2--is on promo, so you can experience every single adventure of the Avatar (formerly know as "the Stranger") 60% off!

What Ultima is to RPGs, the Wing Commander series is to the space sim genre. Follow the story of the war between Terrans and the feline menace Kilrathi in Wing Commander 1+2 and Wing Commander 3: Heart of Tiger, then once the world is over and a shaky allience is formed with the cat-like aliens, face new enemies threatening the Confederation in Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom. The 3rd and 4th installments of the series use full motion video cutscenes to tell its elaborate stories and feature big names such as Mark Hamill, Malcolm MacDowell, and John Rhys-Davies as the Wing Commander universe prominent characters. You can also choose your own fate and pursue your goals as a mercenary, a trader, or even a space pirate in the series' popular open-ended spin-off, Wing Commander: Privateer.

Rec Room 3D Perspectives

In between recording Wing Commander long play videos, centaurianmudpig has been dabbling in 3D modelling with the open source Blender program. His very early version of the Tiger's Claw rec room is still rough around the edges (and missing its barkeep) but already feels familiar. If you have experience with Blender and have any comments or helpful pointers on recreating the classic look, mudpig would love to hear from you on the CIC forums. This isn't the first time someone has taken a shot at recreating Shotglass' watering hole in 3D. Check out Michelle D's modelling efforts and Marcus' gorgeous Lego model from a few years ago.

Hellcat Gets Some Teeth

Whiplash's Hellcat model needs one more thing before it's ready for battle: guns! He's put together a step-by-step walkthrough of how the side mounts came together, and the results look very much like their in-game equivalent. The forward cannons still need to be built, but the ship is very nearly finished!
So, as promised, the Whiplash guide to putting guns on a Hellcat. :)

The WC4 Hellcat has two particle cannons in the side gunports, and two ion cannons in the underslung gun pod. I started off with the particles, since there are plenty of good in-game shots of them. I considered using the gun pictured in the manual, but eventually decided to stick with the ingame version for consistency. Besides, I find the triple-barrel configuration quite cool and menacing. See comparison below.

So, here's how to build a particle cannon.

1) Added the protrusion behind the gun port (no idea what it is, looks like some kind of exhaust / cooling port )
2) Made a simple rectangular cut-out of the main body of the gun.
3) Both of the above pieces painted.
4) Next came the barrels. I cut some strips of paper to size...
5) Then roll and glue them into shape...
6) Then glue the barrels together.
7) Barrels glued into place on the ship (after being painted of course)
8) Created some raised detail on the gun with thin cardboard (sorry, this one is a bit blurry but I didn't take any other shots)
9) Final shape of the gun complete and painted.
10) The final product: I added some lighter grey to bring out the detail.

All done! Now for the ion cannons, which I'll show you next time.

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