Watch Academy Live Stream Today!

The Imperial News Network will be hosting LOAF today for a special live commentary of Wing Commander Academy! A Star Citizen themed chat will kick off at 11:30 AM Pacific US time (2:30 PM Eastern US, 10:30 PM BST London) on their Twitch channel. The Wing Commander event should begin around 1 PM Pacific (4 PM Eastern US, Midnight BST) and the series takes about four hours to stream in its entirety! If you can't make the live portion, the video should also be archived on Twitch. They'll be talking a lot about Academy trivia and behind-the-scenes information. If you'd like to help uncover even more lost history about the show, you can help contribute to the campaign to save its production materials. Twelve of the thirty boxes have been funded so far!
How rad is this? The two transports following the 'Claw have WC-appropriate names! (Shire & Percheron) Who knows what else we'll learn?

Space Sim First Look: Everspace

Today we take a look at Everspace, an upcoming space sim from the creator of Galaxy On Fire. Everspace promises a non-linear storyline, upgradable ships and a pick-up-and-play experience. The player can scour a vast universe for resources or take on one of the hostile factions. A trailer and a half hour of gameplay footage are available for viewing. Besides Windows 10, the German developer is also targeting XBox One for the initial release, where it will join Elite Dangerous, No Man's Sky and Strike Suit Zero. The game is scheduled to come out in the first quarter of next year, but an early access version is already available through Steam and Good Old Games as a digital release at reduced cost.

Help Save Academy, Get Rewards, Watch LOAF Dance!

The campaign to archive and digitize the lost art of Wing Commander Academy has reached a major milestone! Ten of the thirty boxes available have now been funded. LOAF has posted a cool video thanking everyone for their support and sharing some of the interesting discoveries that this project has already uncovered such as ship names and confirmation of suspected universe lore information. Also, by popular demand, several reward tiers have been added that have some cool bonuses for Wing Commander and LOAF fans! If you think you can help, check out the project page and join in!
Hello everyone!

WHAT A DAY yesterday! We cleared NINE boxes and as of this morning are just a few dollars from hitting #10 and being a third of the way through this. Ali and I recorded a Periscope to thank everyone last night, and it does include the promised dancing. All of your donations are so greatly appreciated; every bit helps. Just think: for every dollar, roughly 30 pieces of Wing Commander art will be saved and preserved!

We’re going to get the word out however we can. The folks at INN were kind enough to invite me to do episode commentary this coming Saturday. I’ll let you know the details as it approaches, but we’ll be watching through the entire series, talking about all the crazy details and why it’s so important… and hopefully raising some funding for this campaign, too!

As mentioned in the video, I’ve added some addition rewards, most of which are kind suggestions from supporters.

  • For $25 I will send you one of my awful drawings (possibly with a terrible pun). I will draw the spaceship of your choice in Sharpie. It will be terrible. Will she online if desired!
  • $50 30 Minute Skype Call with Me – I had two requests for this. I promise, I am not very exciting! But if you want to chat with me on Skype and also help preserve some artwork, I’m not going to say no. Calls will need to evenings and weekends Pacific time.
  • For $200 my brother has volunteered to put everything we scan on a bluray for you!
  • $300 Academy DVD with Updated Soundtracks – The folks at VEI were kind enough to provide a case of Wing Commander Academy DVDs, and our own Aaron Dunbar is working to update the audio tracks on the first several episodes to fix the sound volume issues! We’ll include the updated episodes on a DVD-R alongside the commercial discs.
  • $500 STAR SOLDIER – The rarest Wing Commander manual! I have four copies left from E3 in 2007, where Electronic Arts printed them to promote Wing Commander Arena. This full-color manual is one of the last pieces of Wing Commander canon produced and it’s really, really cool.
  • $2500 Lend a Paw! – A real live (not live) Kilrathi paw, used in the production of Wing Commander III! This prop is one of my prized possessions, and I’m hoping someone out there will give it a good home in the service of preserving this artwork.
  • I am also thinking about offering my Wing Commander III/IV flight suit, which is my single favorite piece of Wing Commander memorabilia. I would offer that at the $5000 level if it makes sure this happens. Please let me know if you’re interested; it’d be a hard call, but I’d rather see this artwork saved!
Well, that’s it for today’s update! If we hit $3,000 today, Ali and I will Periscope again tonight and share some more art. And if we hit $3300, I’ll draw three of my favorite spaceships live!

October 20, happens to be an important one for Wing Commander Academy: it’s the annual Kilrathi Sivar-Eshrad ceremony! If you’re familiar with Wing Commander lore, it’s the yearly ceremony in which the Kilrathi convert an entire planet to their religion in the name of their war goddess, Sivar… it was the basis for Secret Missions 2 AND the series finale of Academy, which took place at the 2654 Sivar-Eshrad ceremony on Dolos. I’ll post some more about the lore and the history of that event tomorrow! Glory to Sivar!

Watch WC Album's Reorchestration Process

George Oldziey has posted the first update to his campaign to make a second symphonic Wing Commander album. It's a video that goes into great detail about the process he uses to recreate his classic WC music for a live orchestra. There's some very interesting technical challenges as well as clever techniques that he employs to bring everything together - a lot of work goes into it! There's even a preview of one of his new tracks from The Price of Freedom. The project is nearly at $7,000 of its $35,000 goal. Check out the video and consider helping him make the album a reality here!
Here is a short video describing my process of taking the original music files and creating scores and parts for orchestra. Please forgive the edit with the top of my head cut off at the end! Enjoy!

All Talented Hands To Action Stations

We're past the half way point of Inktober, and NinjaLA has kept up the daily sketching! He's got two new Wing Commander drawings that are pretty nifty. The first features a well-accomplished Confed pilot stepping away from her fighter after a mission. Today's second picture actually has quite a bit of story behind it! It's an interpretation of the German novelization of Wing Commander Action Stations, which actually borrowed its cover art from a totally unrelated sci-fi book. Ninja's gone back in and filled in some of the odd bits with more Wing Commander appropriate background art! You can find more cool sketches all more long at his Tumblr here.

Nephilim Fleet Invades Solar Empire

Last week we saw a variety of smaller Nephilim ships added to the Wing Commander mod for Sins of a Solar Empire. Now we can see Nomada_Firefox's larger mainline craft: the Orca destroyer, Hydra cruiser, Leviathan carrier and Kraken shipkiller. It's a pretty well-outfitted bug fleet! There's even a video that shows some of the ships in action as a player navigates around space, and the ships look just as creepy as they did in Prophecy.
The Nephilim space units, without count the fighters are finished. In the video, you can watch most of the units from the Nephilim. Now I will continue adding the fighters and structures from all factions.

Help Preserve Wing Commander Academy!

Archiving Wing Commander material is a subject that's very near and dear to us here at the CIC. From the University of Texas to EA Mythic and dozens of other projects, we've been on a mission to preserve Wing Commander history for nearly two decades. The next great adventure kicks off today as we attempt to save thousands of pieces of artwork created during the production of Wing Commander Academy. A huge trove of animation cels and design sketches have been uncovered in California. We've made arrangements to purchase the lot, but the total costs for everything work out to nearly $10,000. You can help us save this material by donating at a new GoFundMe page here. Once we can secure the load, it will then be gradually scanned and made available online. As an example of what may be available, check out this fabulous 240-page storyboard of the episode 'Recreation' (258 megabyte PDF, so download rather than click!). As you know, the CIC runs no advertisement and accepts no monetary donations or compensation whatsoever to run the site, so the campaign is strictly capped at the amount it will take to purchase the Academy art. Some have asked how they can help over the years, and now's your chance! We hope the attention brought to this effort also helps get the word out about George Oldziey's plans to get a second Wing Commander album recorded as there are two exciting WC crowdfunding campaigns running in parallel now. Asking for money is a little awkward, but we would only do so for causes we are incredibly passionate about. The process should also be very fun, and we can't wait to enjoy it with you! Read up more on the background and consider donating if you can - thanks!
What do you want?! Confederation spies have located a massive cache of Wing Commander Academy production artwork deep in the wilds of Southern California! There are 30 large boxes of artwork, each containing roughly 1,000 cels and several thousand sketches for a total of (we estimate) about 50,000 distinct pieces of Wing Commander artwork ranging from the cels used to make the show to the sketches and other drawings used to plan out scenes. My objective is to purchase this artwork and produce high resolution scans of ALL of it which will be made freely available to the Wing Commander community!

Where does all that money go? All of the money will go to the purchase of the artwork. For every $300 donated, we can buy an additional box, up to 30! (The remaining $800 covers GoFundMe’s fee and credit card processing.)

Will you do any other cool things? That depends on how you define cool! To help promote the crowd funding project (and because I really, really want to) I’ll be streaming live commentary of all thirteen Academy episodes. Once the artwork has been purchased, I’ll stream the initial exploration of each box so that everyone else in the world can see how goofy excited finding a drawing of Admiral Tolwyn’s arm makes me.

WCM Tape Conversion Complete!

LOAF recently completed a very cool archiving project. Over a hundred tapes full of production material from the Wing Commander Movie have been digitized! They include a variety of things such as content for computer displays and background recording of the sets. One cool reveal is the stand-in doll for 'Merlin', Blair's holographic AI companion voiced by Mark Hamill in an uncredited cameo. The actual CGI that would have portrayed the character, as well as most of their interactions, were cut from the movie, so this is as close to seeing him as we can currently get! Twitter identified it as an Action Man figurine. And there's a few on eBay if you need your own personal assistant...
WOO HOO! 106 production VHS tapes from the Wing Commander movie digitized! That's a lot of bits.

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