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Special Operations I

Rigel A : Patrol
Rigel B : Patrol
Rigel C: Patrol
Rigel D: Patrol
Rigel E: Strike

Rigel A : Patrol

Primary Objectives Patrol all NAV points.
Your Ship Epee
Wingman Shelton
Other Friendly Ships None
Briefing Angel: Blair, we have intercepted a distress call from a Kilrathi corvette. You are to investigate this, proceeding with all due caution. It is very likely that this is a Kilrathi trap. Your Nav course will take you first to Nav 1 and then Nav 2 --- where the long-range signaller on your ship will automatically begin transmitting. The signaller will send an encoded message for the Gettysburg pilots.
Maverick: I don't understand this, Angel. these people are mutineers and traitors. Why are we trying to talk to them instead of tracking them down and icing them?
Angel: Maverick, we do not know the true situation aboard the Gettysburg. Until we do, the Admiral has ordered us to avoid a direct attack on the cruiser. After you touch those two Nav points to transmit the message, proceed to the Kilrathi corvette. Use your best judgement on this. The Kamekh may be alone and an easy target --- or it may be another trap, like the Johann in the Goddard campaign. After you go to the Kamekh, return via the asteroids. Tactical believes that is the most likely area for an ambush --- if these pirates intend to attack the Concordia. Sky and Shelton will be your wingmen. You'll be flying Epees for this mission. They will meet you on the Flight Deck. Dismissed, Colonel
3 Ferrets
Distress Signal
6 Epees
2 Epees


  • Either use your missiles to clear out some of the large group at the Distress Signal quickly, or save them to take out the ships in the Asteroids. Being forced into a dogfight in asteroids is never fun.


    Success / Failure go to Rigel B.

    Rigel B : Patrol

    Primary Objectives Patrol all NAV points.
    Your Ship Epee
    Wingman None
    Other Friendly Ships Bear
    Briefing Angel: I have a difficult assignment for you, Maverick. The Admiral has briefed me fully on the Gettysburg situation and why we are trying to contact the mutineers. He told me the Gettysburg was stationed at N'Tanya, during the rebellion in that system. When several refugee ships of Imperial Kilrathi loyalists tried to leave the planet. . the Commander ordered his pilots to open fire on the unarmed transports. The pilots refused, and that triggered the mutiny.
    Maverick: If they were issued an illegal order, then they had the right to disobey it --- That's what the Admiral is doing! We're trying to bring them back, aren't we?
    Angel: Yes. Confed High Command is already planning the court-martial for the Commander --- who was released with his officers in a Crossbow bomber, and returned to Olympus Station two weeks ago.
    Maverick: A Crossbow? I've never heard of that bomber.
    Angel: It's very new, an improvement on the Broadsword technology. The Gettysburg was testing the prototypes.
    Maverick: So these mutineers have the hottest new Confederation ship technology now?
    Angel: And we can only hope that they won't use them against the Concordia. Maverick, one of our patrols intercepted a message from the mutineers --- saying that they're willing to send a delegation to talk with us. Your mission is to rendezvous with those pilots and bring them back to the Concordia. Their message said that there are two factions among the Gettysburg crew. One group that wants to deal with us, and the other that does not trust us at all. So you must be prepared for a fight, Maverick. Patrol your Nav points, then rendezvous with the Gettysburg pilots. Good luck, mon cher. I will see you when you return.
    Nav 1
    2 Epee
    Nav 2
    4 Ferrets
    Nav 4
    4 Epee


  • Here we get our first look of the famous Jason "Bear" Bondarevsky, first to Kilrah.


    Success / Failure go to Rigel C.

    Rigel C: Patrol

    Primary Objectives Patrol all Nav Points. Find the Gettysburg
    Your Ship Epee
    Wingmen None
    Other Friendly Ships TCS Gettysburg
    Briefing Angel: Admiral Tolwyn has advised me of your next mission, Maverick. Lieutenant Bondarevsky gave us the Gettysburg's last coordinates. You'll fly your programmed Nav course, touching each Nav Point. As you do so, your onboard system will begin transmitting the Admiral's message. With luck, the Gettysburg will learn from this message that they have been pardoned. If you can, land on the Gettysburg and convince them to return with you. The Admiral has advised me that the Rigel Depot crew are to be considered... unsalvageable. We cannot allow that depot... or the Gettysburg... to remain in the pirates' control. Your orders are to destroy the depot and the Gettysburg if that occurs. I am assigning Lieutenant Haley to you, Maverick --- he is our best Sabre gunner. Chris, this is a dangerous mission.
    Nav 1
    6 Ferrets
    Nav 2
    4 Epees


  • To win this mission, you must contact the Gettysburg.


    Success go to Rigel D.
    Failure go to Rigel E.

    Rigel D: Strike

    Primary Objectives Destroy pirate base.
    Your Ship Crossbow
    Wingman Quinlan
    Other Friendly Ships Doric
    Briefing Poelma: There's less time than that, Colonel. A Confed convoy is enroute to the Depot.
    Maverick: They don't know that you've taken over the depot ... they'll be murdered, like the depot crew!. There's no more time. We'll have to launch an attack to against that depot. You have to decide now, Poelma. Are you with the Confederation or the pirates?.
    Poelma: Sir...we can't attack the depot! All our senior officers and wingleaders left with the Commodore!
    Maverick: I'll lead you into battle, Poelma. Just resupply my ship and let my gunner out of his cell.
    Poelma: We have a better ship for you, Colonel. A Crossbow YA-18A, Experimental Prototype.
    Maverick: That'll do. Let's move, Poelma!
    Nav 1 -> Jump Point
    2 Epees
    Pirate Base
    6 Epees
    1 Pirate Base


  • Epees are no match for a Crossbow, but the bomber's slow speed can make the dogfights long and tedious.


    Success go to Ghorah Khar 1-A.
    Failure results in loss.

    Rigel E: Strike

    Primary Objectives Destroy the Pirate Base
    Your Ship Sabre
    Wingman Hobbes
    Other Friendly Ships Doric
    Briefing Tolwyn: Maverick, I need you to escort two Clydesdale tankers to the Jump Point. Afterward, you'll continue to the Rigel Depot. Destroy it and return to the Concordia.
    Maverick: What about the Gettysburg, sir? Tolwyn: The Gettysburg... was destroyed three hours ago. A reactor accident. They didn't have enough trained personnel to prevent a melt-down. A wing of Crossbow bombers arrived here with the survivors.
    Maverick: How many survivors, sir?
    Tolwyn: Fourteen, Colonel... Maverick, our main concern now is the Rigel Depot. We can't allow it to remain under pirate control. You'll fly a Broadsword bomber on this mission, with Ralgha on your wing. Good luck, Colonel. Dismissed
    Pirate Base
    6 Crossbows


  • This mission is quite a bit harder than the winning path mission. Instead of facing Epees, you're facing Crossbows. You also have only one wingman instead of two.


    Success go to Ghorah Khar 1-A.
    Failure results in loss.


    Comment on a mission

    Submitted by : Shere Khan
    Mission : Rigel C
    Comments : the player's ship in the third Rigel mission is Sabre, not Epee. it's even mentioned in the briefing :)

    Submitted by : bart
    Mission : rigel A
    Comments : this is the worst mission since wc1! I can't issue orders to my wingman and I get shot by friendly fire all the time! Fighting in epee with epee makes it a light-speed total chaos... haven't beat it yet.

    Submitted by : joeg338
    Date : Thu Jan 13 00:16:23 2011
    Mission : Rigel B
    Comments : if im not getting shot at by the gettysburg pilots im getting run into by them.

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