KriskArms presents...the Femme Fatale

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KriskArms present...the Femme Fatale is a News Bulletin posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


KriskArms presents...the Femme Fatale
'For the lady dressed to kill'
It's a problem faced by many women...they want to go out armed, but the gun they want is too large to fit in a manu-sac, or so chunky that it ruins the line of their outfit.; no longer. Now KriskArms brings you the Femme Fatale, a stylish and discreet handlaser with the following features: 15mm hi-intensity beam that'll fry even the most persistent attacker
40-shot Powerpack, re-chargeable at all standard power outlets
Comes with FREE chromatic shoulder holster, which changes colour to suit your outfit
Only 500 creds, from KriskArms.